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CD4024B: Frequency Divider schematic

Part Number: CD4024B

I am needing to correctly use the IC to divide an input wave from a signal generator by 32 and by 8 (any number really I know that it divides by 2,4,8,16,32,64 I think) I am assuming it shouldn't matter whether the input wave is a sine wave or square wave. Also I'm assuming that the amplitude of the wave shouldn't matter as long as I am within the limits of the chip. For my situation I am inputting a sine wave 2volts peak to peak (-1V to1V). Here is my understanding of how to hook it up to get the division I'm trying to accomplish. I have VDD to +8v DC and Vss to GND. I also have the Reset to GND. Input wave is connected to pin 1(CLK) (positive lead to pin 1 negative lead to ground directly from wave generator) Here is where I become lost. I measure +V (seems like its 2V if I remember right) on any of the Q outputs with my oscilloscope but I do not get a output square wave. (positive lead of the scope to Q1 or any other Q) (negative lead to GND). My source is a power supply but will eventually be a stand alone battery. So all grounds tie together and are hooked to the common terminal of the power supply and eventually the common terminal of the battery once I get this circuit working and integrated into a portable device. Please help. Thanks

  • Hello Blake,

    You are on the right track, and a sine wave input is acceptable since the inputs are schmitt triggers, so they are tolerant to slow rising inputs.
    However, the input should not go negative. The inputs will clamp the negative voltage and also a -1V signal will exceed the absolute maximum of -0.5 for the device.
    A 2V signal amplitude may also not be enough. You need to make sure that the input fits the Vil and Vih specifications to get a defined high and low on the output. Please look at the electrical characteristics for the device. for 8V DC supply, it looks like the Vih will likely be close to 3V, and it would be better if the signal was higher than that.

    Please let us know if this helps and if you have additional questions as we would be happy to help.