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CD4078B: I need more info on how many outputs are in this part.

Part Number: CD4078B

Hello Sir

Can u tell me how many analog to digital out put conversions are available in CD4078B.

I'm developing a device that implements 3 separate Hall Effect current sensors ( CR Magnetics  part # CR2550 series at max. of 100 amps each. These current sensors function in a magnetic field that varies and fluctuate the 3/11 volts input voltage exciting the doughnut shape coils in which the line insulated conductors passing through the hole in center core of each current sensor. I need a processor to measure differentiating analog measurements and translate the signals to digital format of at least 3 current sensors. Also my project controller has 14 other analog signals that will require conversion to a digital format. so does TI have something to cover this requirement..

Thank You

I'll await your response. 


Edward Helbling


  • Hi Eddie,
    The CD4078B is a combination NOR/OR logic gate. It does not contain any analog to digital converters or processor.

    Are you looking for a microcontroller, perhaps something in the MSP430 line? Or did I misunderstand?
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    Emrys Hello

    I looked your suggestion about your MSP430,Analog to Digital Converter. I'm searching for a Processor that has multiple low a/c voltage inputs which must be monitored constantly. I need to monitor pressures, current, temperature.
    I've attached my wiring diagram, so it make sense to my needs.
    Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday

    Edward Helbling

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  • Hi Eddie,
    I'm afraid that your attachments didn't come through.

    I would recommend re-posting this to our MSP430 forum - those guys are the experts on our microcontrollers and should be able to direct you to the right type of processor.