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[FAQ] How to import Logic SPICE models netlist into TINA-TI (Logic TINA-TI test benches)

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The purpose of this post is to show you how this netlist provided in the product folder can be imported and used in TINA-TI and how to provide you with a test bench that makes it easier to be able to import this netlist. These netlists have been tested in and can be used in many SPICE simulators such as TI's TINA-TI SPICE Simulation tool and the Cadence PSPICE tool.

We are currently working on providing a SPICE netlist for all of our logic devices so that our customers can use simulations to test out and gain confidence in the operation of their designs. As we create the PSPICE / SPICE netlists, they will be uploaded to under the design & development tab of the product folder as seen in the image below. If you are unable to find a PSPICE model for a part under the product folder go ahead and post a new question and we will provide you with the model if it is readily available.

Importing SPICE Netlist into TINA-TI

The following pdf explains how to import a standard TINA model into TINA-TI using the New Macro Wizard tool in TINA-TI. Do note that you will not have a symbol for your model if your import the netlist using this method. You will need to use the auto generated symbol in TINA.

The second method to import the netlist is to directly place the netlist inside the test bench symbol and copy and paste the symbol into your design.

This can be done by right clicking on the symbol of the logic device you want and selecting enter macro:

Open the .CIR file you have downloaded from the web with a text editor and copy all of its text. Now once your enter the macro as shown above, delete and replace any text you might see by pasting the netlist from the .CIR file. You can also always make changes to or redraw the symbol by right clicking on the symbol and selecting edit symbol, as visible in the above image.

You are done! The TINA-TI Spice model is ready to be used. You can simply left click on the symbol and ctrl+C or edit -> copy, then paste the symbol into your design to use.

Sample Test Benches

These files can be directly opened in TINA-TI. Once you add the correct netlist to them, they will be ready to run.









The following file shows how to use the SPICE models in PSPICE.

If you have any further questions on importing the SPICE models or have any issues with operating the SPICE models, go ahead and ask a question and our experts will be able to assist you.