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SN74LV1T125: Replacement

Part Number: SN74LV1T125
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: SN74AHCT1G125, SN74LVC1G125


We are looking for a pin to pin, (drop and replace) replacement for the SN74LV1T125 OE buffer.

It is a " Must" that the Vin_low min of the replacement is below 2.2V absolute (independent of its Vcc value)

as it is in the SN74LV1T125 chip.

We need a different family (other than the SN74LV1T) that can meet the above (has OE pin and Vin_low < 2.2V)



  • For VCC = 5 V, you can use the SN74AHCT1G125.

    But the best replacement for the SN74LV1T125 is the SN74LV1T125. Why do you want to replace it?

  • Hey Amnon,

    Closest device to meet this would be SN74AHCT1G125.

  • Hi

    We have certain families that have heritage of being very good for certain project.

    It doesn't mean anything about other families but however it is a suggestion to prefer

    a specific line of products per project.

    In my project the request was to prefer if possible for single gate chips the LVT and the NC7SZ families.

    I need a buffer with OE pin (such as the "125") and with Vin_high independent of Vcc value

    The SN74LV1T125 was a great option until I noticed it is not LVT...

    Can you say that the die of the LVT and of the LV1T is about the same?

    If I can claim that LV1T physical structure (silicon level) is about same as LVT or NC7SZ it will help me to get the required approval to use it....

    I hope I explained better my situation and strange request



  • Hey Amnon,

    VIH/VIL values are dependent on Vcc, based on your request it seems like you are referring to TTL compatible inputs which have set VIH(2V)/VIL(0.8V) values and technically can be considered decoupled from Vcc . However, devices that are TTL compatible (like the LVT family) typically have a small supply ranges. Here is a list of 3-state buffers in the families you requested to help you find what you need.

  • "NC7SZ" is ONSemi's name for LVC1G devices, so this would point to the SN74LVC1G125. But neither NC7SZ nor LVC have the VIH you want.

    There are no single-gate devices in the family that TI calls "LVT"; do you have some example?