CD4504B: Can I use for 3.3V to 12V voltage shift?

Part Number: CD4504B

I need voltage shifting from 3.3V to 12V in one application. Can I use CD4504B for the application? The connection of CD4504 will be like VSS-3V3, VDD-12V, SEL- 3V3. are those proper connections?

  • Hey Nikhil,

    Yes this device can perform the 3.3 V to 12 V translation. The SEL pin can be grounded, I expect the signals coming in wont need TTL compatible inputs. However, the way you have it configured will also work. You will have lower input thresholds which will give you more noise margin on the High side but less noise margin on the Low side. Having SEL at GND will give a more even noise margin on the Low and High side.