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SN74AC241: Thermal resistance, junction to case? Or max junction temperature?

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Part Number: SN74AC241

Looking at SN74AC241DW, there is only a theta_ja listed and an operating temp -40 to 85C. Is there a recommended max operating junction temperature and/or a corresponding theta_jc for this part?


  • Hi Lauren,

    The max operating junction temperature is 150C -- see [FAQ] What is the maximum junction temperature (TJMAX) for a device?

    We have a much more accurate mathematical model for thermals now than when this part was originally developed (you may notice that all parts in a package used to have the same R_theta_ja).  These are the updated numbers for this device:

    Result- Theta JA-High K (standard datasheet value)


    Result-Theta JC, top (standard datasheet value)


    Result-Theta JB (standard datasheet value)


    Result- Psi JT (standard datasheet value)


    Result- Psi JB (standard datasheet value)


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