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TXS0101: Need more details about OE pin

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Part Number: TXS0101


We have used TXS0101 in several circuit before without any issues. Usually, we connect OE to GND via a 100KOhm pull down, and connect it to the host that is powered by VCCA. The host then drives OE some times after booting up.

The problem:

Now, we have a circuit, where we need to do translation between 1.8V and 3.1V, and we don't have enough pins to drive OE. So I'm looking at my options.

What I intend to do is:

  • connect OE to 100KOhm pull down.
  • Connect OE to 1KOhm pull up to VCCA
  • Connect OE to open drains that keep OE low as long as both VCCA and VCCB are not stable 

Would that be enough?

If not, what exactly do i need to do with OE if I don't need to use it (and i don't have enough pins in my design to do so) ?


  • If you do not care about the state of the I/Os during power up, you can connect OE directly to VCC.

    If you know how much time you need, you could add an R-C circuit to let the OE voltage rise slowly, or use a reset IC like the TLV809E.

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    So, if I use the power_good output of my voltage regulator to ensure power-up is done + an additional R/C delay, i should be on the safe side.