LSF0102-Q1: LSF0102-Q1

Part Number: LSF0102-Q1
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Hi, I want to use LSF0102 as a i2C level  tranlator. When selecting VREFA voltage range is 1.0~3.7V, VREFB voltage is 5V, and  A1 and A2 follow VREFA voltage(1.0~3.7V), I want to ask if B1 and B2 can pull up to any voltage between 0 and 5V, or is only between VCCA and 5V? (For example, if A1 voltage is 3.7V and B1 voltage is 2.5V, LSF0102 can work normally?)

1) 5.7 What pull up voltages are allowedon the A-sideand B-side? On eitherthe A-sideor B-side,resistorscan pull up to any voltage between Vref_A and 5 V. Therefore, it is possible to translate down to the B-side.

2)but there is different description in LSF0102 datashehet