Pulse signal generator

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Good day.

Our customer would like to know if we have a very low power operable pulse signal generator chip.
the frequency of the signal is pretty low (20-40Hz).

We would appreciate if you could point me to the correct product.

Thank you.



  • What exactly is meant with "pulse signal"? What are the desired inputs and outputs of the chip?

    The SN74LVC1G123 can generate a pulse; it expects a trigger signal, and the pulse length is set with R/C components.

  • Hello you may also consider the TPL5010. It will generate a programmable periodic pulse. Normally it is used as a watchdog, if you use it "open loop" your period will be slightly increased by the reset time (tRSTn) of 320 ms. The period is set by a single external resistor.

    The TPL5010 is very low power, typical 35 nA.  maximum 50 nA.