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TM4C123AH6PM: TI-RTOS SPI Driver and Direct Pin Control

Part Number: TM4C123AH6PM

I'm trying to implement a AD74111 codec chip that requires setting the SPI data input pin DIN either high or low prior to calling to pulling RESET low to configure the part for master or slave mode. The DIN pin would have to be set to either high or low, prior to pulling the reset pin low on the chip. This is used to configure the part for record or playback operation. I'm also using the TI-RTOS native SPI driver and API function calls. 

Is it okay to to directly access the DIN port pin controls and force the gpio tied to DIN either high or low prior to resetting the part?


Bob Starr

  • Hello Bob,

    What I would recommend here is first configuring the SSI pin you need to control like this as a GPIO to handle this operation, and then going through the actual SSI configuration to create and open the SSI.

    The way these pins work is they are controlled by specific modules based on how they are configured, so to manipulate DIN as you described, you would need to configure it as a GPIO first and then configure it as an SSI pin. The way I outlined would be the smoothest way to do this in an RTOS setting. See if that will work for you.

    Best Regards,