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TMS470MF03107: Recommend a controller in micro SD

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Part Number: TMS470MF03107
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TMS470MF04207, TMS470MF06607, TMS570LC4357, RM48L740, TMS570LS3134, RM48L950


A customer wants to do wefer business with regarded to controller in micro SD. The volume is about 100K/yr.

I've tried to search appropriate for MCU in micro SD as below. 

There's no specific requirement for now. It just requires the FTL(Flash Translation Layer) driver support in simple OS.

Could you please recommend a proper controller in micro SD product?

ARM Cortex-M3

  • TMS470MF03107, 80 MHz, RAM 16 KB / Flash 320 KB
  • TMS470MF04207, 80 MHz, RAM 24 KB / Flash 448 KB
  • TMS470MF06607, 80 MHz, RAM 64 KB / Flash 640 KB

ARM Cortex-R5F

  • TMS570LC4357, 300 MHz, RAM 512 KB / Flash 4096 KB
  • RM48L740, 200 MHz, RAM 256 KB / Flash 2048 KB

ARM Cortex-R4F

  • TMS570LS3134, 180 MHz, RAM 256 KB / Flash 2048 KB
  • RM48L950, 200 MHz, RAM 256 KB / Flash 3072 KB




  • Hi,

      If you are accessing micro SD through SPI interface then all of the mentioned devices have SPI modules on chip. It really depends on your application and what price range you are looking at. The R5F and R4F based MCU certainly offer a lot more performance and peripheral sets that can accommodate a wider range of application requirements. I think you will need to determine what you really need. 

  • Hi Charles 

    I have a question, should MCU access SD card using SPI even inside micro SD card?

    I am saying about the controller inside micro SD which need to implement the interface functionality as below figure.

    I could not understand well why SPI is needed to access microSD? Is it related with memory access such like QSPI-Flash access? 

    The below link can be a reference solution.


    Best Regards, 


  • Hi,

    I have a question, should MCU access SD card using SPI even inside micro SD card?

    I thought you wanted to use a host MCU to access an external microSD card. I don't know the circuitry and architecture inside a microSD card itself. Therefore, I cannot comment what buses are used by a controller to interface with the rest of of components inside a microSD. 

      Looking at the link you show, it mentions about AES and SDIO. These features are not available in TMS470MF03107.

  • Hi Charles,

    Yes, Customer wants micro SD's controller inside card, not external interface. 

    I wanted to ask if TI able to provide a solution for micro SD inside controller with FTL(Flash Translation Layer) solution as well.

    I tried to find very simple MCU with FTL soution which interacts with micro SD inside flash memory. maybe Nand. 

    I will say customer to contact outside of TI for the solution if TI does not provide MCU solution for Wefer Business.




  • Hi Jack,

      I found an example SD card controller block diagram. There are various components that the TMS470MFxxx will not be able to support. That was only the hardware part. We don't have the Flash Translation Layer either if you are asking for the software stack.