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TM4C123GH6PM: ti-cgt-arm_20.2.5.LTS\bin\armacpia.exe experienced a segmentation fault

Part Number: TM4C123GH6PM

I have a project that compiles as C code, but which I want to compile as C++, so I selected the --cpp_default option.  Most of my files compile without complaint, but one causes the compiler to crash.  I tried three different compiler versions, 20.2.0, 20.2.4 and 20.2.5, all of which crash with essentially the same message.  20.2.5 appears to be the current release per, so upgrading the compiler doesn't seem to be an available remedy.  The compiler output (from the CCS console) is

**** Build of configuration Debug for project SystemControl ****

"C:\\ti\\ccs1000\\ccs\\utils\\bin\\gmake" -k -j 12 moduleDetection.obj -O 
Building file: "../moduleDetection.c"
Invoking: Arm Compiler
"C:/ti/ccs1000/ccs/tools/compiler/ti-cgt-arm_20.2.0.LTS/bin/armcl" -mv7M4 --code_state=16 --float_support=FPv4SPD16 -me -O2 --include_path="C:/ti/ccs1000/ccs/tools/compiler/ti-cgt-arm_20.2.0.LTS/include" --include_path="C:/ti/TivaWare_C_Series-" --include_path="C:/ti/TivaWare_C_Series-" --define=ccs="ccs" --define=PART_TM4C123GH6PM -g --relaxed_ansi --cpp_default --gcc --diag_warning=225 --diag_wrap=off --display_error_number --gen_func_subsections=on --abi=eabi --check_misra="2.3,3,4,5.3,5.4,6.5,7.1,8.2,8.6,8.7,8.8,8.11,9.1,10.4,11.1,11.2,12.3,12.8,12.9,13.1,13.2,13.3,13.4,13.6,14.1,14.2,14.3,14.8,14.9,14.10,15.4,15.5,16.4,16.5,16.8,17.5,17.6,18.1,19.2,19.3,19.5,19.8,19.9,19.12,19.14,19.16,19.17,20.4,20.5,20.6,20.7,20.8,20.11,20.12" --preproc_with_compile --preproc_dependency="moduleDetection.d_raw"  "../moduleDetection.c"
>> Compilation failure recipe for target 'moduleDetection.obj' failed
"../moduleDetection.c", line 817: warning #1181-D: #warning directive: "is there a better place to handle this?"
"../moduleDetection.c", line 820: warning #1181-D: #warning directive: "do we need to do these checks?"       // we do these checks elsewhere as part of #ifdef SUPPORT_DETECTING_LIKELY_MODULE_TYPE_C_WITHOUT_USING_EEPROM
"../moduleDetection.c", line 847: warning #1181-D: #warning directive: "might need to check for memory module here"
INTERNAL ERROR: C:\ti\ccs1000\ccs\tools\compiler\ti-cgt-arm_20.2.0.LTS\bin\armacpia.exe experienced a segmentation fault
                  while processing function detectTypeAndRevisionOfModule file ../moduleDetection.c line 864
This is caused by a defect in the TI EABI C/C++ Parser.
TI Customer Support may be able to suggest a workaround to avoid this.
Upgrading to the newest version of the compiler may fix this problem.
Contact TI in the E2E support forums at under
"Development Tools", "TI C/C++ Compiler".  See the link titled
"Submitting an issue".
We need to see this ENTIRE error message and a complete, reproducible
test case including ALL of the command-line options.
Include the .pp file created by option --preproc_with_comment
gmake: *** [moduleDetection.obj] Error 1

**** Build Finished ****

As requested in that message, I added the --preproc_with_comment option (and removed an option it conflicted with), and got a *.pp file.  I don't see an option to attach it to this post, and "dragging it into the editor" as suggested at the bottom of this form doesn't seem to do anything.  I'll try a follow up after posting (why isn't there a simple attach file option?).

The *.pp file seems to be sufficient to reproduce the issue; it causes a segmentation fault if I try to compile it with this command line:

"C:/ti/ccs1000/ccs/tools/compiler/ti-cgt-arm_20.2.0.LTS/bin/armcl" -mv7M4 --code_state=16 --float_support=FPv4SPD16 -me -O2 --include_path="C:/ti/ccs1000/ccs/tools/compiler/ti-cgt-arm_20.2.0.LTS/include" --include_path="C:/ti/TivaWare_C_Series-" --include_path="C:/ti/TivaWare_C_Series-" --define=ccs="ccs" --define=PART_TM4C123GH6PM -g --relaxed_ansi --cpp_default --gcc --diag_warning=225 --diag_wrap=off --display_error_number --gen_func_subsections=on --abi=eabi --check_misra="2.3,3,4,5.3,5.4,6.5,7.1,8.2,8.6,8.7,8.8,8.11,9.1,10.4,11.1,11.2,12.3,12.8,12.9,13.1,13.2,13.3,13.4,13.6,14.1,14.2,14.3,14.8,14.9,14.10,15.4,15.5,16.4,16.5,16.8,17.5,17.6,18.1,19.2,19.3,19.5,19.8,19.9,19.12,19.14,19.16,19.17,20.4,20.5,20.6,20.7,20.8,20.11,20.12" --preproc_with_compile "../moduleDetection.pp"

I hope this is the right place to post this issue; the instructions in the compiler output about how to contact TI are apparently outdated, as I didn't find a "development tools" forum (I did find "tools") and I didn't find a ""TI C/C++ Compiler" section (I guessed that Code Composer Studio︎ Group was the best match).