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[FAQ] SW-TM4C: How to debug a program going into FaultISR

Part Number: SW-TM4C

Observed Issue: The program is entering into the FaultISR during normal program execution.

The FaultISR entry has been confirmed to be unrelated to the topic discussed in How to prevent the program from going into FaultISR when using a new peripheral

  • Typical Root Cause: Fault ISR means that the CPU has hit a condition either internally or externally (w.r.t peripherals) that it cannot resolve.

    Debug Steps:

    1) The Registers that need to be checked to begin analysis are the NVIC_FAULTSTAT and NVIC_FAULTADDR registers at absolute address 0xE000ED28 and 0xE000ED38.

    2) Precise Bus Fault in NVIC_FAULTSTAT would mean that the address of Faulting location is captured in NVIC_FAULTADDR

    3) Similarly every fault type mentioned has a cause associated to it, some being easy to diagnose and some being difficult to diagnose. In order to diagnose faults, refer to the following document that covers the different Fault Types:

    4) If a solution is not found after consulting SPMA043, post on E2E with details including the Fault Type and what steps have been taken to try and resolve the issue.