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Single Edge Nibble Transmission Capable Micro

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: RM48L540, LAUNCHXL2-RM57L


Do you have a microcontroller that has SENT hardware modules.  SENT is a single edge nibble transmission protocol conforming to the SAE J2716 year 2016.



  • I am not aware of a dedicated SENT hardware module.   We have used timers (general purpose and also programmable) as interfaces to SENT with software assist.

    A new product family to consider:

    The ICSS on this device has programmable packet processors with single cycle IO access and embedded timers.   I think they may also include a MAC unit which is useful for SENT (though overkill) since the clock on the sensor can vary tremendously and pulses after the initial start are scaled to the measured width of the start - so there is some need to 'multiply' (divide).

    An released / mature product to consider:

    The N2HET on this device can be programmed to receive SENT from multiple sensors.   N2HET is a programmable timing processor.

  • Anthony, thank you for your reply.  

    I am interested in receiving SENT messages and transmitting them with modified nibbles generate errors for software validation, can the N2HET be used to transmit SENT frames?

  • Hi Nidal, 

    You could program the N2HET to transmit as well.  Transmit should be straight-forward, although I haven't tried it. 

    But transmit pulses only need to be maintained once per pulse width which gives a lot of time for the N2HET program to run.

    Receiving SENT on the N2HET and decoding it there is more difficult, because on receive you have to scale each input pulse to the width of the initial pulse and you have to do this in a fairly tight loop in order to have the resolution required to distinguish between adjacent code nibbles.  N2HET was ok receiving the max bit rate in the first version of SENT.  (sorry I actually forget which year that was).  The second version of the standard supported a higher bit rate and it may be a little more difficult to support that max rate over many input channels in parallel with N2HET.

    If are you looking for a chip for a project (design into end equipment) where lowest cost is a care-about, then the RM48L450 might be a good choice.  It has 2 N2HET and you could use one to receive and the other to transmit. 

    However, if you are looking for a development kit that you can use on a test-bench to test another system.    If the latter, then I might pick a dev kit w. more resources to make it a bit easier.   So for example RM48L540 ->  I might go with something like LAUNCHXL2-RM57L just to get the higher performance chip w. more memory.