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TMDSEMU200-U: Does TMDSEMU200-U support for device UCD9222?

Part Number: TMDSEMU200-U
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: UCD9222, UCD3138, UNIFLASH


I plan to program device UCD9222 .Can help to check XDS200 support for this device ?

  • I also install CCS code composer studio, I able to search for device UCD3XXX but I could not found any for UCD9222.Please help.

  • Hi, Jaansin

    The UCD9222 is UCD3XXX platform, I believe. Try UCD3XXX to see if it works for you.

  • Hi,

    I try using the UniFlash software and it able to detect the programmer Texas instruments XDS200 USB then i pick device UCD3138 since UCD9222 is not available in the selection box same as in CCS code composer studio.

    When i load image/program, the error message as per below.

    Error connecting to the target: (Error -180 @ 0x2A4C) The controller has detected a target power loss. The user must turn-on or connect the power supply for the target. (Emulation package

    I double check my wiring to the device pin and power supply for the board then measure VCC for the device 3.3v (good) as per below but not sure what is wrong here?

    Below is my wiring detail:

    to POD pin (CTI20 Header)

    Pin 1 - TMS
    Pin 2 - NTRST

    Pin 3 -TDI

    Pin5 -VTRef to device VCC (3.3v)




  • UCD9222 is UCD3000 base, not UCD31XX base => UniFlash does not support UCD9222 device

  • So CCS also cannot support UCD9222?Only have those display device as per below.

  • Neither Code Composer Studio or UniFlash include support for this device.

    I will leave it to the team that supports UCD9222 to comment on how you are supposed to program it.



  • Ya. it's good if can get help from others.

    I try to convert the xlm file from fusion designer software to svf file.(currently i  using Agilent 3070 platform to perform the program though JTAG pin).

    After I convert from svf to pcf, it's successful compiled but when i run using 3070 platform using pcf file. It's fail the idcode_register. Supposely get "0100" but i keep get "0000"

    I not sure what is the issue. Any setting need to be set or reset to the device before program it using JTAG?

  • Hi

    Please use I2C interface to program the part. 



  • Alright. Just wonder,JTAG is not working ?

    I refer to statement fro, UCD9222 data sheet below. Possible the JTAG is disable.

    In the number 3)>>>>When invalid address is inserted by connect to ground or open.

    But i try it out, still the same.

    JTAG Interface The JTAG interface can provide an alternate interface for programming the device. Two of the JTAG pins (TDI and TDO) are shared with the SyncIn and SyncOut function. JTAG is disabled by default. There are three conditions under which the JTAG interface is enabled: 1. When the ROM_MODE PMBus command is issued.

    2. On power-up if the Data Flash is blank. This allows JTAG to be used for writing the configuration parameters to a programmed device with no PMBus interaction.

    3. When an invalid address is detected at power-up. By opening or shorting one of the address pins to ground, an invalid address can be generated that enables JTAG.

  • Hi

    JTAG programing is not a industrial standard and svf file is just a vector table. Each JTAG vendor has its own instruction set to understand the svf file. We do not recommend JTAG programing. 

    when short or open, the address shall be 126 and you shall short or open before power up the device.