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TMS570LS3137: MCU Register Information

Part Number: TMS570LS3137
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I need a some register information about TMS570LS3137 mcu. I searched register information from datasheet. But I did not found any information.

Check the below what I need;

1-Interrupt Control State Register:?

2- SysTick Pending Bit :?

3- SysTick Reload Value Register:?

4- SysTick Current Value Register:?

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  • Hi Eyup,

    Where did you get those names? There is interrupt status register for some peripherals, but I don't remember any interrupt state register. 

  • Hi QJ Wang,

    Values are required to use the Trace feature on the Segger Pro device. I want to do real time analysis from Segger Systemview V3.30 software. I couldn't find any configuration file for ARM Cortex-R4F MCU family. That's why I'm trying to ensure compatibility using configurations prepared for the ARM Cortex-M0 family.

    Register identification address: \\SEGGER\SystemView\Src\Sample\embOS\Config\Cortex-M0\SEGGER_SYSVIEW_Config_embOS_CM0

    Related Code:

    #define SCB_ICSR  (*(volatile U32*) (0xE000ED04uL))  // Interrupt Control State Register
    #define SCB_ICSR_PENDSTSET_MASK     (1UL << 26)      // SysTick pending bit
    #define SYST_RVR  (*(volatile U32*) (0xE000E014uL))  // SysTick Reload Value Register
    #define SYST_CVR  (*(volatile U32*) (0xE000E018uL))  // SysTick Current Value Register

    Best Regards,

  • That's why I'm trying to ensure compatibility using configurations prepared for the ARM Cortex-M0 family.

    Section Cortex-A/R Event timestamp of SEGGER SystemView User Guide contains:

    The Cortex-A and Cortex-R cycle counter is implemented only as part of the Performance Monitor Extension and might not always be accessible. Cortex-A and Cortex-R do not have a generic system timer source, like the Cortex-M SysTick, either.

    I.e. any reference to SysTick isn't relevant to the TMS570LS3137 Cortex-R based device.

    I don't have a license  for SystemView and so haven't attempted to configure it for Cortex-R devices.

    Is the information in the SystemView User Guide about configuring for use on Cortex-R devices sufficient?

  • Hi Eyup,

    I am closing the thread, due to no activity for long time, you could reopen it if you have any further questions.