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RM48L952: RM48L952PGE_144 pin does support QSPI

Part Number: RM48L952

In Our design QSPI interface was required to communicate to the LAN9253,

In RM48L952PGE_144 pin MCU has only single SPI feature only.

Is there any way to make QSPI interface with RM48L952PGE_144 . 

Thanks and Regards,

Ganesh V    

  • Hi Ganesh,

    RM48Lx and TMS570 don't support QSPI, but they support multi-buffered SPI in parallel mode (MibSPI in parallel). MibSPI in parallel is full-duplex communication, but QSPI is half-duplex.

    The communication protocols are also different:

    1. QSPI: The following waveform is for charlen = 8-bit

    As you can see 4 bits are transferred every clock cycle. The bit order is QIO0 sends bit4, QIO1 sends bit5 and so on in the first clock cycle and bits 0,1,3, and 3 are sent out in the 2nd clock cycle.

    2. MibSPI in parallel: The following waveform is for charlen=16-bit

    In 4-data line mode (master mode) the shift register bits 15, 11, 7, and 3 will be connected to the pins SIMO[3], SIMO[2], SIMO[1], and SIMO[0], and the shift register bits 12, 8, 4, and 0 will be connected to the pins SOMI[3], SOMI[2], SOMI[1], and SOMI[0]. The subsequent rising edge of SPICLK will shift data in the shift register by 1 bit to the left (SIMO[3] will shift the data out from bit 15 to 12, SIMO[2] will shift the data out from bit 11 to 8, SIMO[1] will shift the data out from bit 7 to 4, SIMO[0] will shift the data out from bit 3 to 0). After four SPICLK cycles, when the full data word is transferred, the shift register (16 bits) is copied to the receive buffer, and the RXINT flag will be set.