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TM4C1290NCZAD: Kindly review the MCU design

  • Hi,

      First of all, my company blocks access to external share drive. If you have something to share like a file, simply attach to the forum post. You just need to drag it in. Secondly, I'm not sure what you wanted us to review. We do not do review of schematic due to liability reason. We can only provide some best practices and highlight something that is obviously wrong. 

  • Ok, please provide some best practices and highlight something that is obviously wrong.

  • Hi,

      - Are you using the hibernation module? I see the HIBn signal is left open. I see the VBAT left open and therefore, I assume you are not using the hibernation module. If you are not using the hibernation module, then you should either leave WAKEn no-connect, or tied GND instead of tie to VDD. You can follow datasheet for unused pin connection.

    - What type JTAG debug probe are you using? I have never seen a six-pin JTAG header? I assume you have some custom header. In any case, I will recommend 10k pullup resistors on TCK, TMS and TDO. Please refer to this app note.

     - For your Ethernet connection? Where are the transformer, protection diode and RJ45? You must have protection diode to avoid transients that can potentially damage the MCU when connecting any signals to another board. Refer to section 3.9.3 and section 4.1 of TM4C129 system design guideline app note about ESD protection.