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MSP432E411Y-BGAEVM: Error connecting to target (Error -1063 @ 0x0)

Part Number: MSP432E411Y-BGAEVM
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: UNIFLASH, MSP432E411Y

I'm currently investigating bootloader options for a project.  I purchased the MSP432E411Y-BGAEVM board, as our part is the E411Y.  I'm using:


TI Emulators


An XDS110 running 

BSL-Scripter 3.4.0. 

UniFlash 7.0.0.

Following the directions found here, plus a bit of experimentation, I was able to get the bootloader to work.  I loaded both projects from the SDK shown in the tutorial just fine.  Having been successful, I decided to reset the board back to the original software.  So I loaded the OutOfBox project from the SDK via the bootloader.  This is when things went downhill.

Given that the E411Y OutOfBox project does NOT contain a bootloader, I wasn't surprised when the bootloader stopped responding.  However, after subsequently trying to reprogram the E411Y with one of the tutorial projects, as I had as part of my attempt to get the bootloader working previous, I found that I was unable to reprogram the MSP432 via JTAG (using the XDS110).  Instead, I obtained the following error message:

CORTEX_M4_0: Error connecting to the target: (Error -1063 @ 0x0) Device ID is not recognized or is not supported by driver. Confirm device and debug probe configuration is correct, or update device driver. (Emulation package

Looking for information on this leads to the following thread (and others like it).  Following the instructions contained within, I attempted to perform the factory reset, and instead received the following error:

CS_DAP_0: Trouble Writing Register DP_RESET: (Error -1013 @ 0x2) Unable to access device register. Reset the device, and retry the operation. If error persists, confirm configuration, power-cycle the board, and/or try more reliable JTAG settings (e.g. lower TCLK). (Emulation package MSP432_Factory_Reset() cannot be evaluated. Target failed to write register DP_RESET at DP_RESET=1 [msp432_factory_reset.gel:44] at MSP432_Factory_Reset()

I have not been able to find any further information on error -1013 in these forums, or on the web in general.  Nor any errors specifically referencing DP_RESET.

The thread linked above seemed to indicate that the issue seen was due to a CCS update several years ago.  However, examining my project code, it does not seem like the same issue is the cause of my problems.  The issue references the lack of "--retain=interruptVectors" or "#pragma RETAIN(interruptVectors)" in the startup file, but my OutOfBox startup file (startup_msp432e411y_ccs.c) seems to contain the expected code:

#ifdef __TI_ARM__
    #pragma RETAIN(interruptVectors)
    #pragma DATA_SECTION(interruptVectors, ".intvecs")
    void (* const interruptVectors[])(void) =

I have tried running my XDS110 JTAG TCLK at the default speed (5.5MHz, I believe), 2.5MHz and 100.0kHz, to no effect.

At this point I'm at a loss at how to proceed.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated, as I'd rather not have to purchase a new BGAEVM board.  I'm happy to provide any further information required, but hopefully I've included everything necessary in this post.