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MSP-EXP432E401Y: TMC4C129ENCPDT Not Working

Part Number: MSP-EXP432E401Y
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TM4C129ENCPDT

I'm trying to recreate the MSP-EXP432E401Y circuitry on a prototype board of my application so I can continue to develop the interface to its peripheral components. To do this I loaded my application into an MSP-EXP432E401Y, removed the relevant parts from it, and soldered them onto my prototype board. Now I'm trying to get the TMC4C129ENCPDT on the XDS110 section to work, I'm not having much luck, and I'm stumped as to why its not working.

Right now I'm just trying to get the oscillator to work. On another MSP-EXP432E401Y I'm getting a very clear 16 mhz signal on pin 89, OSC1 but on my prototype board I get nothing on that pin. I get a good solid 3.25vdc supply voltage on pins 7, 16, 26, 28, 39, 47, 51, 52, 69, 79, 90, 101, 113 & 122 as well as ground on pins 17, 48, 55, 58, 80, 114 & 10. Other pins that I think might be relevant have voltages that are the same as the MSP-EXP432E401Y; pin 64 WAKE is 0v, pin 65 HIB 3.25v and pin 70 RST is 3.25v. There are some other pins that have values that are different between the MSP-EXP432E401Y and my prototype but they are mostly I/O pins and I don't think these differences should prevent the processor from working at all.

Can anyone give me any ideas on what might be preventing the TMC4C129ENCPDT from working? Or are there any tests I can make that might give me an idea on what might be the problem?

Thank you.

  • Hello,

    We do not recommend placing the XDS110 circuitry on your board. It's best just to utilize the ARM 10-pin JTAG header provided to program external boards.

    If you decide to continue down this path and you have questions about how to properly layout and bring up the TM4C129ENCPDT, then a propose you utilize its datasheet, TRM, and other resources to do so. I've re-routed your request the forum that owns the TM4C129 parts. 

  • Hello Jace,

    I took your advice, installed a ribbon cable from the XDS110 section of an MSP-EXP432E401Y to my prototype board and it worked.  Now I can move forward developing my application.

    Thank you so much,