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MSP-EXP432E401Y: [CCS] Debugging went hanging

Part Number: MSP-EXP432E401Y
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: SYSBIOS


I import tcpecho example under ns folder as CCS project and verified it works well.

Then I put something new:

   - receive some command and data via tcp socket.

   - find if it is registered command by looking up commands lookup table.

   - then execute the corresponding service function defined in lookup table.

After compiling with no errors and starting "Debug As > Code Composer Debug Session",

I got following Debugging View screen. From it, I guess program is executed without getting into debugging session.

But, execution result is not expected.


Its Memory Allocation screen, but it give any clue why this happen:


At present, I have no idea about this problem, only I guess it might be memory problem, but failed in pinpointing.

Any help/advice appreciated to find out and starting point or clues helpful to solve this problem.

Many Thanks in advance,


  • Hi,

    I have found that if anything goes wrong (failing an ASSERT, exceeding the task stack size, etc.) the code jumps off to ti_sysbios_family_arm_m3_Hwi_excHandlerAsm__I and loops forever at:

    b $1 ; spin here indefinitely

    If you click Run menu - Suspend, do you find the code stuck there?

    If you open the Runtime Object View, from the tools menu, this can give a few clues. Open the "Tasks" option, and select the Detailed view - this will show each task, its stack size and its stack usage - that's a good clue for any task that has exceeded its stack limit.

    Selecting the Call Stack option for the Task page will show the function call list for each task at the point you suspended execution. Often, this shows which task has ended up at ti_sysbios_family_arm_m3_Hwi_excHandlerAsm__I , and which functions it went through to get there. If that isn't enough to guess the problem, it might suggest a place to set a breakpoint so you can step through the crash.

    Hope that helps.


  • Hi Jim,

    Thank you for your quick reply.

    Unfortunately, all the debugging buttons in toolbar except RUN and ROV are disabled.
    So I cannot use Suspend button to find the code stuck in the last.
    If I click ROV button, Connect Target window popped up and waiting for debugger to be started....
    Failed Connecting to Debugger.

    When debugger starting, I saw 3 message on the debug view:

    Message between parenthesis in 2nd screenshot, Running: A Reset Occurred On The Target, could be helpful to guess the problem ?

    I failed getting into ROV, I cannot find its stack size and max stack usage of the Task, etc.
    Anyway, do you think this problem is related with Stack usage?

    Your advice is very helpful for me, but I cannot use ROV in this case.

    Any other suggestions/clue are welcome and appreciated.


  • Hi,

    Something seems to have got very upset if none of those debug functions work! Do they work correctly with the unmodified demo project? Also, can you run ROV on your project before you let your project run, or perhaps while you run to a breakpoint in your code?

    I don't know if task stack size is your problem, but it's an easy mistake - one I've fallen for many times. It might be worth just trying to make them bigger. Do your changes include anything that would use a lot of stack? A large buffer declared in a function?

    Can you #ifdef out your changes and get back to a working demo, then put them back a bit at a time?

  • Hi Jim,

    I found what caused this problem and will post it soon.

    I used the Release Project as my Dependency project. That is why ROV does not start in debugging session.
    After I changed it with Debug Project, ROV works fine and it help me a lot to trace stack usage in tasks.

    Thank you for your advice again and I want to close this issue.