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TMS570LC4357: TMS570LC4357 Lauterbach ETM Tracing with custom 4 or 8 PIN connector

Part Number: TMS570LC4357


I am currently trying to figure out if it is possible to use a Lauterbach (Powertrace 3, Power Debug Pro and Preprocessor Autofocus 2) to trace the TMS570LC4357 using a custom connector using only 4 (or 8) Data Pins. From all the public information it seems like as if this should not be any issue, however the Lauterbach Tools states:

"Warning: Trace test failed: trace control pin not working
Warning: PIN TP0 connected to    GND
Warning: PIN TP1 connected to    GND
Warning: PIN TP2 connected to    GND
Warning: PIN TP3 connected to    GND
Warning: Trace test failed: pin connection error
Trace test failed.
debug port fail"

Checking the Datapins using a multimeter they do show a voltage value on them, so they don't seem to be grounded.

This thread:

Indicates, that ETM Data pins 0-7 do not need to be specifically configured which is why I am stuck at trying to figure out what I am missing.

Our goal is to build a custom in house adapter to connect our custom hardware equipped with a TMS570LC4357 to the Lauterbach Hardware using 4 or 8 Data Pins.

Connecting the TMS570LC4357 Eval Board to the Lauterbach using the MIPI-60 Port works like a charm even when configuring the Lauterbach to use only 4 Data Pins as its port size.

Thanks in advance,


  • Hi Alex,

    I haven't tried the Lauterbach trace tool, but I tested ETM trace using XDS560V2 trace pro works and it works as expected. There is no pin mux for ETM[7:0]. Did you probe the ETM trace clock? The ETM clock source can be selected as either VCLK or the external ETMTRACECLKIN terminal. 

  • Hey QJ,

    So far I did not manually touch the ETM Clock.

    The RefMan states "The ETM clock source is selected as either VCLK or the external ETMTRACECLKIN pin. The selection is
    done by the EXTCTLOUT control bits of the TPIU EXTCTL_Out_Port register. The address of this register
    is TPIU base address + 0x404.
    Before you begin accessing TPIU registers, the TPIU should be unlocked via the CoreSight key and 1h or
    2h should be written to this register."

    However the TPIU Base Address is unclear to me. Is it 0xFFA0_3000?

    Cheers, ALex

  • Hi Alex,

    Yes, the TPIU base address is 0xFFA03000.

    The ARM TPIU is documented in ARM's CoreSight Components TRM, ARM DDI 0314H, which is available at ARM's website. 

  • Hey QJ,

    Unfortunately this did not change anything. I have reached out to Lauterbach as well hoping that they might have any suggestions.

    Cheers, Alex

  • Hi Alex,

    I heard that Lauterbach Trace32 supports TMS570 ETM trace.