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SIMPLELINK-MSP432-SDK: Disabling interruptions in TimerA

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I'm working with the MSP432P4111 launchpad and TI-RTOS. I am trying to disable the interrupts generated by a software timer (TIMER_A) for a brief period of time. However, disabling the TAIE register doesn't seem to affect the interrupt generation, as the callback function keeps being called every time the timeout is reached (1s).
I am working with SimpleLink SDK version and according to the SysConfig file, RTOS timers are created using TIMER_A0. Our code calls the Clock_create and Clock_start functions to initialize the timer.

For disabling the interruption, I tried both Timer_A_unregisterInterrupt and Timer_A_disableInterrupt. When using the first one with TIMER_A0_BASE and TIMER_A_CCR0_INTERRUPT as arguments, interruption doesn't call the callback function, but the code gets stuck in a sleep and never comes back. The second one, Timer_A_disableInterrupt, just moves the TAIE register, but the callback keeps being called every second.
I would appreciate any insight on how to handle the interruptions properly.

Thank you in advance.

  • Hi,

      MSP432P4111 is discontinued and there is very limited knowledge to support this device. With that said, I will suggest you look at the TAIFG register to see if the interrupt is still pending. TAIE only disables the future interrupts from firing. What I think is that the last interrupt is still pending. If the interrupt flag is not cleared then it will continue to service the interrupt. Try to clear TAIFG and see if that will resolve the issue. For experiment, you can clear TAIFG in the debugger and see if that makes a difference. Sorry for not able to fully support this device.