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Part Number: EK-TM4C123GXL
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Hello Team,

Posting on behalf of my customer:

I am using a TM4C123GH6PM microcontroller Launchpad Evaluation Kit. I want to connect the Mouse and Keyboard in USB Host mode. To connect the mouse and keyboard in USB host mode, I have done necessary customization on my board but when I am trying to connect mouse with OTG cable in USB port it just turns off my whole board. So, kindly tell me what other necessary steps I need to take to work mouse and keyboard in USB host mode.

I am sharing the PDF from which I have done modifications.




  • Hi,

      I follow the instructions in the app note and I can connect the LaunchPad as a OTG to the mouse with no problem. Not sure what type of mouse is used. Don't use a wireless mouse. Also don't use mouse that will take too much current. When you said the whole board is turned off, are you saying the LaunchPad is dead afterward or after the USB device is unplugged the LaunchPad is alive again. 


  • Hello Charles,

    Please see below response from customer below:

    The Mouse I have used is wired and in photo you can see that I have not even connected the mouse to the OTG cable, it just turns off the board as soon as I plugged the OTG cable in launch pad. And regarding the launchpad, the launchpad is not dead it's working fine as I remove the plug from micro-USB port. So, please suggest what other changes I need to do to use mouse as USB Host.

    Thanks in advance.



  • The picture looks like even without the mouse, the power LED is turned off after the cable is plugged into the USB device port. I will need to see if I can replicate the issue next week. 

  • A couple of things I will suggest the customer to check. 

      - Is R25 and R29 cleanly soldered with 0 ohm resistors?

      - Once R25 and R29 are populated with the resistors, the pins PB0 and PB1 should only be used as USB pins. If customer repurposes these pins for other functionalities there could be damage to the device. See below from the LaunchPad user's guide.

     - Can the customer try on another LaunchPad if available?

     - This post may be also helpful.

  • Hello Charles,

    Please see response from my customer:

    I don't have another board to check this. So, I have also ordered another OTG cable, and it is also giving the same output as the previous OTG cable. So, I want to know if the board connects any random OTG cables or if there are any specific cables for this board. 



  • Hi,

      I just ran the example and it is working for me. The only things I do are:

      1. populate R25 and R29 on the board

      2. Jumper wire between H18 and H19

      3. Load the usb_host_mouse example and run

      See my setup below. I use a wired mouse. I think your board may be damaged. You need to try another one. I don't know what else to suggest. 

  • Look at the terminal window and you can see the mouse positions as I move the mouse.