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C2000-CGT: crash in optimizer when using offsetof to access a different field of a struct

Part Number: C2000-CGT

The attached C file causes cl2000 (v22.6.0.LTS) to crash. The same occurs on any optimization level other than "off", and on all versions I tried, going back to at least v18.12.8.LTS.

$ cl2000 -c container_of_crash.c --opt_level=3

>>>> Optimizer terminated abnormally
>>>> in function _foo()
>>>> in file "container_of_crash.c"
This is caused by a defect in the TI C/C++ Optimizer.
TI Customer Support may be able to suggest a workaround to avoid this.

Upgrading to the newest version of the compiler may fix this problem.

Contact TI in the E2E support forums at under
"Development Tools", "TI C/C++ Compiler". See the link titled
"Submitting an issue".

We need to see this ENTIRE error message and a complete, reproducible
test case including ALL of the command-line options.
Include the .pp file created by option --preproc_with_comment

>> Compilation failure

#define offsetof(type, member) ((unsigned long)&(((type *)0)->member))

#define container_of(ptr, type, member)                                        \
    ((type *)((unsigned long)(ptr)-offsetof(type, member)))

struct s
    int a, b, c;

int foo(int *pb)
    return container_of(pb, struct s, b)->c;