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MCU-PLUS-SDK-AM243X: ICSS-EMAC SWITCH without HSR/PRP: which PRU FW to load ?

Part Number: MCU-PLUS-SDK-AM243X
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: AM2432

I work with AM2432 and mcu_plus_sdk_am243x_08_06_00_43.

I would like to use ICSS-EMAC in SWITCH mode as described here:

This mode gives me the possibility to split incoming traffic among several queues according to VLAN prioriry level (PCP).

I wouldn't like to use HSR or PRP but I cannot find which PRU firmware I should load if I am not using a redundancy protocol.

Can I use PRP firmware even if I am not sending supervisor frames nor PRP packet trailer ? (the idea is to modify ICSS FWHAL for this).

Will PRP firmware work on PRU even without supervisor frames and PRP packet trailer ?



  • Hi Andrea,

    Apologies for delay in response,

    Could you explain what is the end product are you looking to make. Also if a understand correctly you want to have switch firmware with pcp filter capability, right?

  • Hi Nilabh Anand,

       we would like to have a product with a flexible firmware, to be configured runtime as redundant (PRP or HSR) or as NOT redundant.

    So, the idea is to modify ICSS_FWHAL removing several conditional compilation directives and replacing with runtime options (to have PRP or HSR).

    We will handle also to load the proper firmware on PRU (for PRP or HSR).

    By the way, in case NOT redundant, we cannot find which firmware to load on the PRU: the only available FWs for ICSS-EMAC are PRP or HSR.

    The example I found in the SDK for ICSS and LwIP is for Emac driver, not Icss-Emac.

    The interesting part of ICSS-EMAC is the possibility to split L2 traffic between RT and NRT, so this is why we would like a PRU firmware NOT redundant but as well integrated in ICSS-EMAC driver.

    Hope this is more clear.


  • Thanks for the detailed explanation,

    As per my understanding your requirement would be a switch firmware with feature to segregate RT and NRT traffice, so he closest we have is EIP firmware.

    But the issue with EIP firmware is PCP configuration is not avialable in eip(0,1 pcp ->q4, 2,3 q2, 7,6->q0), hardcoded in fw

  • I am wondering if we can use PRP firmware without injecting supervisor packets and without adding PRP trailer to each packet (packet formatting is made by ICSS_FWHAL so we can change it to inject normal packets).

    Since PRP protocol specification includes single attached nodes, I supposed we could use such firmware for the NOT redundant case.

    Anyway, I don't know if PRP firmware expects to receive regulary PRP supervisor frames and without it will return several errors or even crash.

    By now it seams working fine, but I would be glad to have confirmation from your side.

  • Hi Andrea,

    Let me get the confirmation on this from the internal team.

  • Hi Andrea,

    This should not be a problem, but we would recommend you to verify this in a long run setup(~24hrs), so that you do not see any issues in future.