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C2000-CGT: About Object File Utilities (ofd2000)

Part Number: C2000-CGT

I want to check the stack size using the command line.
I am using the option (--call_graph) of Object File Utilities(ofd2000) for this purpose,
I would like to confirm two points about the output XML format file.

  1. There is a pattern where function names are not listed as shown below.
    Please let me know the cause of this.
    Also, please tell us how to prevent this from occurring.
  2. There is a pattern in which "has_stack_usage_info" is listed as "false" as shown below.
    Please let us know in what case it is described.
  • I need to reproduce that behavior.  Please submit the CCS project.  Follow the directions in the article Sharing projects to zip up the project, then attach the zip file to your next post.

    Thanks and regards,


  • Thank you for your response.
    We have prepared the CCS project.
    Please check it.
    *We have removed the part that concerns the company's confidentiality.

  • Thank you for submitting the CCS project.  I can reproduce the same behavior.  I filed the entry EXT_EP-11233 to have this investigated.  You are welcome to follow it with that link.

    In every case, all of the fields in the call graph entry are empty.  While that is less than ideal, I don't see how that causes any problems in constructing the call graph.  If it causes a problem for you, please describe all the details of that problem.

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  • Thanks for the confirmation.

    I believe the following details are the problem

    • Are there any omissions in the functions listed in the XML file?
      Is the function name empty because there was a function that should have been listed, but for some reason an error occurred and the function name was not listed?
    • Can I exclude entries with empty function names from the stack size check?
      I am creating a process in Python to extract the necessary information from an XML file,
      I am wondering if entries with empty function names should be included in the extraction.
      Currently, all entries with empty function names have a stack size of 0x0, so I can assume that they are excluded from the extraction,
      However, if there is a possibility that the stack size is other than 0x0, I think it should be considered as a target that needs to be extracted.
  • Until the bug is characterized, I cannot answer your detailed questions about it.

    I presume this is all you are interested in ...

    I want to check the stack size using the command line.

    In that case, you can ignore any function that has stack_size of 0, and contains no callee entries.  Such a function uses no stack, and calls no other functions.  Because all of the entries with an empty name field are like that, they do not cause any problems for this analysis.  

    Thanks and regards,