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TMS570LS3137: SafeTI Diagnostics library - precompiled binary

Part Number: TMS570LS3137


We are developing software targeting a IEC 61508 SIL2 certification based on the TMS570LS3137. We are planning to leverage the diagnostics offered by the SafeTI Diagnostics Library (SDL).

I requested and installed the Compliance Support Package (CSP) for the SDL. I understand than the SDL is not certified software, but that the CSP provides documentation and unit tests to support certification of the application including the SDL.

Since we are not using the same compiler version as the one used to run the unit tests provided by the CSP. So we would need to acquire a license for LDRA , re-run the unit tests with our compiler version and generate new reports.

But I noticed that the SDL CSP also included pre-compiled binaries for the SDL (see "C:\ti\Hercules\SafeTI Diagnostic Library\2.4.0_LDRA_Less\libs\SafeTILib_TMS570LS31_BE.lib").

Now my question is: if we link the pre-compiled SDL binary into our application, rather than recompiling the SDL source code, can we directly include the unit test reports from the SDL CSP in the safety case for our application?

Thank you for your insights.

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  • Hi Aaron,

    I think you can use the test results if they were compiled with a same version compiler and same compiling options. 

  • Hi QJ,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Do you mean that the pre-compiled binary of the SDL provided in the CSP was maybe not compiled with the same compiler version and options as the unit tests included in the SDL-CSP? I was assuming that this was the case...

    So your opinion would be that if we can show that the pre-compiled SDL binary and the unit tests were compiled with the same compiler and options, we can link the pre-compiled binary into our application and use the test reports from the SDL-CSP in our safety case.

    If you confirm, that would solve my issue.


  • I just searched for the compile options in the SDL-CSP (for reference, I am using version 2.4.0 and all paths are relative to "C:\ti\Hercules\SafeTI Diagnostic Library\2.4.0_LDRA_Less\Test\TMS570LS31x\SafetyLibrary\"):

    - The included pre-compiled binary of the SDL located in the libs directory seems to have been built by the CCS project located in the build_safeTILib directory. After opening the project in CSS and setting the configuration to "Release_TMS570LS31_BE", the project uses the TI v5.0.4 compiler and the -O2 compilation flag.

    - For the unit tests I checked in the Tests directory. There the Sysearch.dat mentions "C:\ti\ccsv6\tools\compiler\arm_5.1.9" and the BuildOptions.txt lists the -O3 flag.

    So to conclude, the pre-compiled binary included in the SDL was not compiled with the same compiler nor compilation flags as the unit test included in the SDL. In this case, the tests need to be repeated to generate new reports.

  • Hi Aaron,

    Thank you for finding this out. Yes, a re-test is needed since they use different version of compilers.