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TM4C1231H6PZ PWM Output Pin Locations

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I am setting up the PWM unit and realized I can't find the output pin locations for the two units (M0PWM and M1PWM).  These outputs are specified for the pinout of the TM4C123G LaunchPad I'm using, but not on the actual chip's DATA SHEET.  Can anyone direct me to the location of these 16 pins?  Thanks!  Cindy

  • Hello Cindy,

    TM4C1231H6PZ does not have a PWM Module.

  • Oh what a bummer. Is there a similar TM4C123G that does have a PWM? Is there any other functionality on the LaunchPad that is missing from my chip? THANK YOU!
  • Hello Cindy


    The correct way is however to go to the product selector web page

    Make sure that the Hidden Columns are put back in and then see which device meets the requirement

  • Thank you Amit. I appreciate your help. I'll check out all the options at the product page.

  • If you've designed & populated a pcb with that new part - quelle disaster! If that's the case - just maybe you can find a part w/same # of pins - and duplicate pin-out - and w/PWM generators!    Otherwise you'll have the "joy" of a board re-design.

    While your present MCU does not have a full-fledged PWM Generator - sometimes the Timer can be massaged into adequate (actually quite good) PWM performance.   You lose "deadband" and other PWM "niceties" - but this does work well for many simpler applications.

    Lesson learned here - find, read, then re-read to insure the parts you choose "really" contain all of the features/functions you require.   Playing "catch-up" - after the fact - never easy nor fun.    (and now you really know that...)

  • Thanks! Luckily the board is still in design. I'm new on the project and told what microprocessor was being used and that is had a PWM Generator on board. It took me a couple of days to realize the problem, because the TM4C123G LaunchPad has PWM capabilities. It might not be too late to jump to another part, but if it is, I'll look at your suggested timer option. Yes, lesson learned- don't always believe what you're told! And thanks again for the advice. :)
  • Hello All,

    If it helps the following set of devices are pin compatible...


    Set-2: "PB0 = USB0VID PB1 = USB0VBUS"

  • Very helpful! THANKS!
  • Amit Ashara said:
    If it helps the following set of devices are pin compatible...

    "If it helps?"    Does a $100 bill - lying (unclaimed) in my footpath - help?

    Easy (and identical) answer - either case.   (drum-roll boyz...)

    Merci, Amit.    (and the "past" owner of 100 (USD))

  • Hello cb1,

    I would be putting up the Pin Compatible device list on the forum so that in case someone orders the wrong part they have a chance to see if it still matches...

  • Hi Amit,

    That's always good - might a clear reference to the location of your detailed, "Feature/Function Comparison" Listing aid as well?

    Everything in one (common) place saves time/effort for your (valued) client-users - does it not?

    Having so many parts - and with part numbers "so" similar - forces great "attention to detail" upon your client-users.

    Focus & great care is required - high-speed/rushed - client selection/ordering - perhaps, "not so much."

  • Hello cb1,

    That would be the product brochure.

    This information on pins is not there...

  • Pardon - but if one cannot (blunder) to this post - how easy (or difficult) is it to find the, "Tiva Product Brochure."

    And - does that name fully/properly convey that a detailed, "Feature Listing/Comparison Chart" lurks within? (me thinks not!)

    Obscuring such vital data may (again) not prove, "best/brightest."

    Instead - might the addition of, "Key Tiva Data" to the "red striped, top of forum page" (Support forums, blogs, groups, videos, Key Tiva Data) make some sense?

  • Hello cb1,

    It is on the TM4C Web Page. Now Product Brief need to have the data on what is that X, Y, Z parts are for...

  • Hi Amit,

    Not to (further) beat a dying horse - but (again & again) SPECIAL LINKS and/or KNOWLEDGE is demanded by the (existing) methods!

    Does not the placement w/in that red-striped area make more sense? Frees your (valued) client-users from endless - "cheat-sheets" to learn "where to go" to properly choose and then BUY your devices!

    How can "videos" (always present - crystal clear) trump the eased finding of critical Tiva data?   Does that make (any) sense?