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TMS570LS2134: SENT and HET

Part Number: TMS570LS2134

1.  Can it support SENT protocol using some HET channels?  Is sample code and an app note for SENT available? 
2.  Can you please share more info regarding the capabilities of the HET subsystem?

  • Robert,

    I've got a question out to one of our former team members that was an advocate of SENT. I know he discussed some ideas of using NHET to do SENT but I don't know where he left it. I'll provide more details when I get a response from him.

    Your second question is really broad and can be very difficult to answer. The NHET is a programmable timer micro machine that runs off of micro code. Its uses and capabilities certainly have some technical limitations such as resolutions, bandwidth and memory sizes but the varied uses are limited only be imagination and creative use of the instruction set. It can be used to generate PWMs, Sign waves, variable duty cycle PWMs, input capture, output compare, etc. Channels can be combined to enhance the resolution to provide Hi resolution channels. There are example applications for I2C, SPI, and UART using the NHET. The NHEt has its own 'DMA' for transfering information into and out of the NHET memory.

    We have an independent IDE and NHET assembler that can be used to develop NHET programs and see the emulated output on a waveform generator.

    There are a couple of App notes designed more for getting started with the HET but also can give a bit of an overview of how it works. The app note is located at this link:

    There are also more complex app notes covering the creation of different wave forms and uses of NHET located in the application notes section of the technical documents on the prodcut page:

    Finally, there is a TI design using NHET to implement a High Availability High Speed Counter (HSC) and Pulse Train Output (PTO) Reference Design:

    I hope this helps. i'll get back to you on the SENT question as soon as I hear back from our former team member.
  • Hello Robert,

    So it turns out we have an application note covering using the NHET for SENT. I don't have the lit number handy but will post it tomorrow. We have had this request once before and they were able use the application note to successfully implement SENT in their system.

    Also, for more info on the NHET, please see this post Specifically, there is a post by Anthony Seely pointing to a white paper and to the download page for the HET IDE which also has links to many of the app notes I previously mentioned.
  • Robert,

    The app note is available but is hidden from public view. I will send a note to you privately with a link to it. Since the original author of the app note is no longer in the group, I will pick up the document and send it out to my peer for review. Once reviewed, I'll get it released as a public application note as well.

  • Hello,

    Has your initial request/question been answered? If so, can you verify the answer so this thread may be closed?