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TM4C1232H6PM: CAN performance test standard

Part Number: TM4C1232H6PM

Hi Champion

My customer's application used CAN communication, but their don't know how to test the CAN performance, so want to know whether have CAN protocol test standard for their reference?


  • Hi Eric,
    Not sure what you meant by testing the CAN performance. You can do some Google search and there are various CAN BUS Analyzer on the market. The CAN BUS Analyzer tool can be used to monitor and debug a CAN network with graphical user interface. These tools allows the user to view and log messages from the CAN BUS. The user can also transmit CAN messages onto a CAN BUS during development/test of a CAN network.
  • I'm not aware of any performance tests either Eric.

    I think there are conformance tests for various Higher Level Protocols (HLPs).

    A performance test both at the base CAN protocol level and HLP level is an interesting idea although the latter would probably be as much or more a test of the protocol stack than the hardware.

  • Eric,

     Is this something what you are looking for? Note this is a conformance test certificate for a different TI MCU. 

  • Hi Charles,

    Surely you must be credited for, "great dig."     That said - firm provides a "Conformance" Test - which is extra/outside "Performance."

    Unknown is what Eric & client (really) seek in terms of such "Performance."       Post's writing is entirely too brief/vague - and may in fact - have been seeking (your) "Conformance" finding!     (i.e. NOT performance) - all along...

  • Sought to "close" the open "paren." (above) - could not "get in."    (appears that (both) "LIKE" and "Post Re-Entry" now have been banned - courtesy the recent (self-described) "upgrade."    (respectfully NOT!)

    It should be noted that, "Performance" may be HIGH - yet highly "Non-Comforming!"       And "Conformance" may be high - yet Performance is poor!      Thus - "one is "No guarantee of the other..."

    This brings to mind the definition & comparison of   "Accuracy vs. Precision."      Note that "A measurement may be Accurate - but not Precise - Precise but not Accurate - neither - or both!"    Performance vs. Conformance appears to (nicely) "track" those same characteristics...

  • Hi All
    Thanks for your good suggestions.
    The purpose of the post is that customer don't know how to justify a CAN bus network in their product as this is their first time use CAN.
    From your suggestions, I will propose the CAN BUS analyzer and Conformance test to them.