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RTOS/TMS470MF03107: TI-RTOS / DSP-BIOS, CCS & Safety Packages for the TMS470MF03107..

Part Number: TMS470MF03107
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: HALCOGEN, TMS570LS0232

Tool/software: TI-RTOS

Hello Team Hercules,

Which versions of TI-RTOS/DSP-BIOS & CCS should we use for the TMS470MF03107?   Also.. which safety package(s) are available for the TMS470MF03107?

Thanks, Merril

  • Hello Team Hercules,

    It's also not clear from "Defining the impact of functional safety with Hercules MCUs" ( ) whether or not our safety libs (w/ IEC 60730 and UL 1998 safety standard compliance) support the TMS470MF03107.

    Thanks, Merril

  • Merril,

    The TMS470M series of devices are designated as SafeTI QM devices. What this means is that they have followed a prescribed safety process in their development and we have limited safety information available for them but they are not certified nor have they been assessed in any way.

    We do provide a Safety Manual for these devices which is located at this link: The safety manual provides details of the architecture and how it applies to safety as well as some highlevel overview of the prescribed safety diagnostics that can be employed. This list includes both Hardware and Software based tests similar to our certified devices.

    We also provide a Detailed Safety Analysis Report which includes both the report and a FMEDA tool that can be used to evaluate the devices estimated FIT rates and Diagnostic coverages according to ISO26262 and IEC61508 methodologies. The IEC61508 data should easily be usable in support of either a IEC60730 or UL 1998 application.

    In regard to TI-RTOS/DSP-BIOS, TI-RTOS does no support the Hercules devices. In reference to the BIOS/HAL drivers, the TMS470M devices are supported via HalCoGen just like our other Hercules products to generate the required HAL source code.

    The latest and greatest CCS versions support all Hercules devices including the TMS470M devices.

    With respect to IEC60730 and UL 1998, we do not have specific certifications for these standards for any of our Hercules devices. I am not familiar with the detail requirements for these standards, but for IEC60730, I know there are different classification of systems with each having specific diagnostic capability requirements. For certain, the TMS570 devices that are certified to ISO26262 ASILD an IEC61508 SIL3 will have no issues meeting the most stringent requirements for these standards. the TMS470M devices would need to be evaluated if they would meet the needs of these standards and I would need to see the specific requirements for diagnostic coverage, FIT rates, and other safety metrics in order to provide guidance on this. My general feeling is they should be OK but may require some system level efforts to beef up the coverage and protections.

    Finally, I would strongly encourage you to have a look at our low end TMS570 devices in lieu of the M3 based devices. They provide far better performance and far superior safety coverage and are assessed and certified by a third party assessor. In particular, as a direct replacement for the TMS470MF3107, they should consider the TMS570LS0232. the only real disadvantage the newer TMS570 devices have over the TMS470M devices is that the newer devices don't have the onchip regulator for the core supply so they require both a 3.3V and 1.2V supply rail.