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CCS/TMS570LS3135: TMS570LS3135:

Part Number: TMS570LS3135

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

When I try to run the TMS570LS31x MCU demo, even though the development  board is plugged in, and Code Composer installed. I still get an error message saying  "No Demo Boards Found Plug in  Hercules Development  Board and Try Again". Any advice?

By the way when I try to download the Demo source code from the online link it will  never download and I usually get a virus well. Why do they make it almost impossible to find or access their demo code.

Lastly does anyone know of picture where the various LEDs are listed out by number on the picture, so I can tell which LED is which?


An answer to any of these perplexing problems would be appreciated.



  • Hello Nolan,

    Do you mean Hercules Safety MCU demos? Those demos are designed to highlight key safety, data acquisition and control features of the Hercules platform of MCUs. The demos are designed to be run on a PC in conjunction with either a Hercules USB Development Sick or a Hercules Development Kit (HDK). The demos use Labview 2010 for the GUI which will not work smoothly on Window 7 and Window 10 machine.

    Here is the link for this demo SW:
  • Mr. Wang,

    Well thank you for the reply. I have tried that link, many times. It will not download. I get at best a partial download and whatever I do get, when I attempt to extract all, it says there is nothing there. That is what I said in my original email, I note my comment "By the way when I try to download the Demo source code from the online link it will never download ".

    That MAY be a problem with my IT department, not allowing a SW engineer to do his job.

    Though the other link Chuck Davenport gave me no longer worked; it had been taken down.

    Whatever. I WAS able to get the MCU Demos project to compile and run, by grabbing the code, albeit old, off the install disk. Regardless the real question is " Where is the documentation for these demos"

    It would be nice to know what they do without reverse engineering all the code. Would you know of any documentation or directions for those demos?

  • Mr. Wang,

    Yes that is a nice reference. It would be quite helpful, but as I have said before, when it comes to the download link for the MCU Demo software, I cannot get a successful download. I tried it again after your helpful comment and all I got was as follows :

    Gateway Anti-Virus Alert.
    This request is blocked by the SonicWALL Gateway Anti-Virus Service. Name: MalAgent.J_11947 (Trojan) blocked.

    I guess it is possible TI's download link has been compromised. Would you know of another link to the MCU Demo SW?
    But I think it is more likely some problem with the antivirus SW here at work. I will forward this issue to IT. Thank you for the time.

    If IT can allow me to download the MCU software I am sure this link you sent me will be of great use. So I will mark this issue as resolved (on TI's part.)

    Nolan Snell