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TMS570LS2135: [CAN]Can't detect any output signal

Part Number: TMS570LS2135
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: HALCOGEN, TMS570LS3137


We are developing a system with TMS570LS2135 and we need to use CAN to communicate with other systems. When we test the products, we found the CAN interface doesn't work and there is no signal output from pins of CAN high/low.

The detailed information is following:

1. The problem:

Can't send CAN message out and there is no signal can be captured from the pin of CAN Interface with a scope.

2. MCU model: TMS570LS2135 PGE

3. The logic diagram of MCU and CAN1 pins:

3. The logic diagram of MCU with CAN Transceiver (here is the CAN2 pins (it is the same as CAN1)

4. The configuration of Halcogen:

5. Test code( almost the same as sample code)

6. Execute the code above step by step, after sending the message out, the value of registers are the following:

Ctrl 0x00031402 Config register [Memory Mapped]
ErrStat 0x00000007 Status register [Memory Mapped]
ErrCnt 0x00000000 Error Counter Register [Memory Mapped]
Btr 0x00001453 Bit Timing_BRP Extension Register [Memory Mapped]
IntR 0x00000000 Interrupt Register [Memory Mapped]
Test 0x00000080 Test Register [Memory Mapped]
ParErr 0x00000140 Parity Error Code Register [Memory Mapped]
Rel 0xA3170504 Core Release Register [Memory Mapped]
AboT 0x00000000 Auto Bus On Time [Memory Mapped]
TrReqX 0x00000000 Transmission Request X [Memory Mapped]
TrReq12 0x00000000 Transmission Request 2-1 [Memory Mapped]
TrReq34 0x00000000 Transmission Request 4-3 [Memory Mapped]
TrReq56 0x00000000 Transmission Request 6-5 [Memory Mapped]
TrReq78 0x00000000 Transmission Request 8-7 [Memory Mapped]
NewDatX 0x00000000 New Data X [Memory Mapped]
NewDat12 0x00000000 New Data 2-1 [Memory Mapped]
NewDat34 0x00000000 New Data 4-3 [Memory Mapped]
NewDat56 0x00000000 New Data 6-5 [Memory Mapped]
NewDat78 0x00000000 New Data 8-7 [Memory Mapped]
IntPenX 0x00000000 Interrupt Pending X [Memory Mapped]
IntPen12 0x00000000 Interrupt Pending 2-1 [Memory Mapped]
IntPen34 0x00000000 Interrupt Pending 4-3 [Memory Mapped]
IntPen56 0x00000000 Interrupt Pending 6-5 [Memory Mapped]
IntPen78 0x00000000 Interrupt Pending 8-7 [Memory Mapped]
MsgValX 0x00000001 Message Valid X [Memory Mapped]
MsgVal12 0x00000001 Message Valid 2-1 [Memory Mapped]
MsgVal34 0x00000000 Message Valid 4-3 [Memory Mapped]
MsgVal56 0x00000000 Message Valid 6-5 [Memory Mapped]
MsgVal78 0x00000000 Message Valid 8-7 [Memory Mapped]
IntPndMx12 0x00000000 IntPndMux 2-1 [Memory Mapped]
IntPndMx34 0x00000000 IntPndMux 4-3 [Memory Mapped]
IntPndMx56 0x00000000 IntPndMux 6-5 [Memory Mapped]
IntPndMx78 0x00000000 IntPndMux 8-7 [Memory Mapped]
If1Cmd 0x00870001 If1 Command Mask / Command Request Register [Memory Mapped]
If1Msk 0xE00007FF If1 Mask Register [Memory Mapped]
If1Arb 0xE0000001 If1 Arbitation Register [Memory Mapped]
If1MsgCtrl 0x00001008 If1 Message Control Register [Memory Mapped]
If1DatA 0x00000000 If1 Data A Register [Memory Mapped]
If1DatB 0x00000000 If1 Data B Register [Memory Mapped]
If2Com 0x00170001 If2 Command Mask / Command Request Register [Memory Mapped]
If2Msk 0xFFFFFFFF If2 Mask Register [Memory Mapped]
If2Arb 0x00000000 If2 Arbitation Register [Memory Mapped]
If2MsgCtrl 0x00000000 If2 Message Control Register [Memory Mapped]
If2DatA 0x00000000 If2 Data A Register [Memory Mapped]
If2DatB 0x00000000 If2 Data B Register [Memory Mapped]
If3Obs 0x00000000 If3 Observation Register [Memory Mapped]
If3Msk 0xFFFFFFFF If3 Mask Register [Memory Mapped]
If3Arb 0x00000000 If3 Arbitation Register [Memory Mapped]
If3MsgCtrl 0x00000000 If3 Message Control Register [Memory Mapped]
If3DatA 0x00000000 If3 Data A Register [Memory Mapped]
If3DatB 0x00000000 If3 Data B Register [Memory Mapped]
If3Upd12 0x00000000 Update enable 2-1 Register [Memory Mapped]
If3Upd34 0x00000000 Update enable 4-3 Register [Memory Mapped]
If3Upd56 0x00000000 Update enable 6-5 Register [Memory Mapped]
If3Upd78 0x00000000 Update enable 8-7 Register [Memory Mapped]
IoCtrlTx 0x0004000E TX IO Control Register [Memory Mapped]
IoCtrlRx 0x00040009 RX IO Control Register [Memory Mapped]
7. We have finished the test with a Development Kit of TMS570LS3137. it can work perfectly.
Please help and if more detailed information needed, please let me know. Thanks!