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Compiler/TM4C123FE6PM: How to setup TM4C123 Bootloader

Part Number: TM4C123FE6PM

Tool/software: TI C/C++ Compiler


I am working on a custom Flash based bootloader and i have asked questions previously about the ROM based and custom flash based.  i have no interest in making a custom one but that is what we have to do for this project.  I have a fairly good version that at least receives serial commands and executes some of the functions.  One thing i keep running into however (and i have researched the forums and nothing works) is that when i run the project with the debugger it runs but when i try to set breakpoints it says there is no code.  I have loaded symbols in Code Composer for the project/file and still i cannot set breakpoints or see debug info when halted.  Any suggestions?


  • Hi Dustin,

    There certainly are some complications of setting breakpoints on code that loads RAM and then executes. I am not sure what problems you are running into.  CCS sets hardware breakpoints in flash, and software breakpoints in RAM. The software breakpoint actually replaces the op-code at that RAM location. If you set the breakpoint before the routine is copied from flash to RAM, then the breakpoint is lost. I created a short routine that runs on a TM4C123GXL Launch Pad. It runs from flash and prints a message out the UART. Then it copies a function to RAM which blinks an LED. If you set a breakpoint after the memcpy(), you can then set breakpoints in the "RAM_Blink() function which runs from RAM. Import the project from the attached .zip file. Symbols are associated with the correct RUN address of both the flash based and RAM based functions.