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CCS/TMS570LS20216: possible to download code from the controller ?

Part Number: TMS570LS20216

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

Hi everyone,

I'm currently trying to resurrect one of my old managment unit based on a TMS570LS, at the time i was using the CCS V4 interface to program it.

Today the unit does not run anymore so i want to manufacture it again, that is for the hardware part, still have all the data but lost all about the software main file.

My need is to reach the source code that has been implemented into the ship years ago.

The JTAG device I'm using is the Blackhawk USB100v2 and the CCS version is now the V8.

Is it possible to download the code that is into the controller  ?

Thanks a lot


  • It is possible to read and save the flash image if, and only if, the device was not protected with the AJSM JTAG security module. If you can connect with the USB100V2 and can display memory, you can then save the image. Use "Tools", "Save Memory"
  • Hi Bob,

    thanks a lot for your answer, so I tried this manipulation on an other device I have if ever something wrong happen, to generate the "Tools" Icon i did a debug launch on the Jtag but this erased the memory so it's defenatly not what to do, if ever someone woul'd try this too.

    The other solution is to go on "View" -> "Target Configurations" -> right click on the .ccxml file that mention your target then -> "Launch Selected Configuration" -> then I access to the "Tools" Icon and can click on "Save Memory".

     Now that I'm ready to get the memory it asks me to  mention the Start Adress and number of memory word to read, what should I mention ? I'm a bit lost now ^^


    Thanks a lot for the help,


  • If you want to program the code into a new part, go back a step and select COFF as the file format as shown below:

    Then add the two ranges. The first range is for the code. The second range is for the ECC bits.

  • Hi Bob,

    Thanks, this process works fine :)

    Now that I have the .cof file should I be able to open it on CCS and convert it into a understandable langage  ? 

    It is all written with symbolic character, from all i see it seams to represent the routine code, am I right ? or is it just the display off all the memory objects ?



  • COFF is an object file format. You can convert it to a readable format with the tool "armhex.exe" which can be found in the compiler directory of CCS. (for example: C:\ti\ccsv8\tools\compiler\ti-cgt-arm_18.1.4.LTS\bin)
    You do realize that you will not be able to recreate the source from this object file? The best you will be able to do is to create a disassembly of the code using "armdis.exe" from the same directory. Even that is not foolproof as you will not inherently know which parts are code and which parts are data. If all you want to do is copy the code from one device into another, then you should be OK.