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RM48L530: CPU ESM problem

Part Number: RM48L530

RM48L530DPGET:Rm48l530dpget is applied to AI module, and CPU ESM diagnosis error is encountered on site. The specific situation is as follows: under normal environment (Office) long-term operation (one month to six months), ESM will diagnose the following four errors (which one is not confirmed at present):

        ESM Group 1 - F021 Flash Correctable error (Bus 1 & 2)

         ESM Group 1 - Flash EEPROM Correctable error

         ESM Group 1 - Flash EEPROM Uncorrectable error

         ESM Group 2 -F021Flash Uncorrectable error (address parity on bus1 accesses)

At present, flash does not enable the recovery function。

The problem can be recovered after power on;

please help to analyze the cause of the error? And exclusions.

  • #1: ESM Group 1 - F021 Flash Correctable error (Bus 1 & 2)

          Do you know the error address? The error address is captured during errors when either EOFEN or EZFEN enable bit is set. Do you run flash diagnostic test periodically?

    #2: ESM Group 1 - Flash EEPROM Correctable error, and #3: ESM Group 1 - Flash EEPROM Uncorrectable error

          Did you run EEPROM diagnostic test mode? Is the FEE used in your application?

    #4: ESM Group 2 -F021 Flash Uncorrectable error (address parity on bus1 accesses):

           A parity error was detected on the incoming address bus. What is the address stored in FUNC_ERR_ADD register.