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CCS/RM48L530: rm48 app vectors setting

Part Number: RM48L530

Tool/software: Code Composer Studio

Dear team

My customer wanted to use the vectors at 0x00180000 not 0x00000000.

So If the vector address points to another location(0x00180000 ), what other operations need to be handled?

bootloader cmd :

    VECTORS    (X)   : origin=0x00000000 length=0x00000020
     FLASH0     (RX)  : origin=0x00000020 length=0x0017ffe0   //LS31x and RM48 Flash size is 0x300000
    SRAM       (RW)  : origin=0x08002000 length=0x0002D000
    STACK      (RW)  : origin=0x08000000 length=0x00002000
   .intvecs : {} > VECTORS

   .text  > FLASH0
   .const > FLASH0
   .cinit > FLASH0
   .pinit > FLASH0
   .data  > SRAM
   .bss   > SRAM
app cmd :
    VECTORS (X)  : origin=0x00180000 length=0x00000020
    FLASH1  (RX) : origin=0x00180020 length=0x0017ffe0
    STACKS  (RW) : origin=0x08000000 length=0x00001500
    RAM     (RW) : origin=0x08001500 length=0x0003EB00
/* Section Configuration                                                      */
    .intvecs : {} > VECTORS
    .text    : {} >  FLASH1
    .const   : {} > FLASH1
    .cinit   : {} > FLASH1
    .pinit   : {} > FLASH1
    .bss     : {} > RAM
    .data    : {} > RAM
    .sysmem  : {} > RAM
  • Hello Susan,

    If the 0x18000 is used for VECTORS, the sys_intvecs.asm will be placed at 0x18000. This configuration doesn't work if there is only project in the flash. The reset vector should be placed at 0x00000000.

    The main flash instruction memory is addressed starting at 0x00000000 by default. This is also the reset vector location – the ARM Cortex-R processor core starts execution from the reset vector address of 0x00000000 whenever the core gets reset.