TMDSHVMTRINSPIN: CNCD28069MISO. Spark and Short Circuit after applying the high voltage AC input at Main P1.

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I am working on the TMDSHVMTRINSPIN with CNCD28069MISO by using the qsg_gui_instaspin_foc.

I followed the hardware setup mentioned in the pdf.

I did not apply the AC power supply yet. 

I connected the 15 V DC power supply adaptor to JP1 and SW1 ON.

I run the GUI using : C:\ti\guicomposer\webapps\InstaSPIN_FOC_F2806xM\InstaSPIN_FOC_F2806xM.exe

I used the original appProgram.out for the GUI as mentioned in the qsg_gui_instaspin_foc.pdf

The GUI identified the HV KIT REV1.1.

However, as soon as I apply the AC supply to the [Main]-P1, there was a spark on the Control Card CNCD28069MISO and the PC is blown now. The smoke came out from the Control Card CNCD28069MISO.

Can you please help me finding out the reason of the spark and what should be the next steps ?

  • Do you connect any instruments to the high voltage kit, like oscilloscope? Please note that the ground planes of both the power domains are the same, hence proper isolation requirements must be met before connecting any test equipment with the board. Isolation transformers or isolation AC source must be used when connecting grounded equipment to the EVM. 

  • Thank you for the response Luo. 

    I did not connect the oscilloscope or any other equipment with the HV kit.  The DC supply adopter (provided by TI) and AC power supply are connected to the AC grid (230 V, 50 Hz). The short circuit happen as I plugged the AC Power Supply.

    I have searched the previous questions as well but there is nothing clear about the solution and why this problem occurs.

    Is it true to assume that the same short circuit will happen if we use the TMS320F28027F control card and TMDSHVMTRINSPIN on-board emulator?

    Can you please provide more details about isolation transformer or isolation ac source? Do we need to provide the DC supply 15V from the isolated supply as well ?

  • Use an isolation transformer for connecting the instrument equipment and PC/Laptop. Use an isolation ac source to provide the AC power supply to the High voltage kit and increase the power supply from zero to the high volts. Don't recommend connect the kit to the AC grid directly.

    The +15V DC power supply is an isolation supply. 

  • It's been two weeks since we heard from you,  so I am assuming you no longer need clarification for your question that will be marking this thread as closed. You can reply with a post or create a new thread if you have any further question on this topic. Thanks.