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TMS320C28346: Can't find a source file at "/sim/sds12/scratch/" Locate the file or edit the source lookup path to include its location.

Part Number: TMS320C28346


  when I press the debug buttion (green bug button) in CCS 6(while the compiler version is V5.2.8), there seems that can not be found, the message shows"Can't find a source file at "/sim/sds12/scratch/"
Locate the file or edit the source lookup path to include its location."

I actually installed several compiler version include "V5.2.8, V5.210,V6.2.0, V15.12.3,V16.9.6 ". When I try to search file in my computer, it can only be found in V15.12.3. Since my project is an old project , and if I use the compiler V15.12.3, the project can not pass the compilation. Among the compiler version above, only V5.2.8 can pass compilation, which is also usded in the old project.

And once the problem shows, there is a hint which requires you to to locate the file For now, I can only locate the file in the compiler‘ library, the version of which is V15.12.3.

Since the compiler I used in V5.2.8, however I should use  the library file ( ) in V15.12.3. Currently, the message 'Can't find a source file at "/sim/sds12/scratch/' will not show again, but the problem now seems that the project does not jump to main normally and stop there.

My quesion is that "why compiler V5.2.8" has to use the libraty file in V15.12.3. How the old project work while the the new compiler hasn't been developped. Is there any problem I use the library file in the new compiler while i use old comipler to compile the whole project.

Thanks a lot for your help

Lookforware someone could reply.


  • There are multiple things going on at the same time.  It is hard to say how they all interact.  

    To understand ...

    "Can't find a source file at "/sim/sds12/scratch/"
    Locate the file or edit the source lookup path to include its location."

    ... please see the Debugging library code sub-chapter of the CCS online documentation.

    The organization of the source code for the boot routine has changed over time.  In older releases, a source file named boot.asm includes either or, depending on a build flag.  In recent releases, there is one source file named boot28.asm

    The way in which the source code of the entire RTS library is supplied in the compiler installation has changed over time.  In older releases, it is contained in a zip file named  In recent releases, it is located in the directory compiler_installation_root\lib\src

    If you mix code built with different versions of the compiler, be sure you follow these rules.

    1. The version of the linker must be >= the version of the compiler used to build any object file or library.
    2. The version of the RTS library must match the version of the linker.

    Please let me know if these details help resolve the problem.

    Thanks and regards,


  • Hi George,

        Thanks a lot for your reply. That 's exactly solve my question, The difference is that the lib file in old compiler verson is compressed in a zip file, which is the reason I can not find it.

    Thanks and regards,