Part Number: LAUNCHXL-F28027F
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I am using Piccolo28027f + DRV8305 for controlling BLDC motor. I am using CCS V10. I developed program on one computer. I generated .out file and loaded in controller. Motor runs satisfactorily. 

Now  I am exporting it because i want to run it from another computer. 

I have done -

File---Export---General----Archieve File----Select file-----compress to zip ------finish Now i am importing this archieved file to another computer

Project-----Import existing CCS Eclipse project----Select archieve file-----Browsing zip folder-----Selecting project file----finish

But when I am generating .out file from this computer and loading it to controller , motor is not running. Why is it so? Am i doing something wrong while importing or exporting project. What is the correct method. Please guide.

  • Hello,

    Just to confirm, I assume that you are exporting the whole project to an archive file, not just the *.out file. Correct?

    Assuming the above is indeed correct, there are several things to note when trying to export projects using that mechanism. The main concern is if the project uses linked files or not. The export project to archive feature works well when all files are self contained in the project folder. For linked files, the behavior is less than ideal where it does not preserve the original directory hierarchy of the linked files. See the "Notes" section of the below article:

    I do not export a project to an archive file when working with linked files. I find it causes more problems than it solves. I do my best to make sure the project is as portable as possible and then just share the project itself and then share the files outside the project folder as necessary.  

    Hope this helps