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DRV8301-69M-KIT: The fault LEDs on DRV8301 kits turn on as soon as i power up the evaluation board.

Part Number: DRV8301-69M-KIT
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: TMS320F2806, DRV8301, MOTORWARE, TMS320F28069


I am testing on evaluation board DRV8301-69m-kit, with

As soon i power up with 24 Vdc power supply the Fault LED corresponding to nFAULT, nOCTW light up.

I am not able to program the microcontroller daughter board, the one with DIMM male connector and TMS320F2806 IC on it (It is like ram chip, f2806x_iso_controlcardr0.4_ )

Nor am I able to test the board,

In past, i had adjusted the Vsense resistor of PIN 3 (R7 resistor of 10K ohm) to get 15 Vdc output from Buck converter feature present on DRV 8301 IC,

(This was done with on load attached to 15 V as well as inverter section)

that had made the fault LEDs light up.

Then I had changed back the resistor to original value and it gave me 5Vdc as usual, it still gives 5V.

Has the IC DRV8301 damaged or something else is to be investigated.

I am not able to figure out the exact problem help needed in this regards,

Waiting patiently,


  • continuation of my querry, the LEDs glow with or without bldc motor connected

  • Error shown while programming the TMS320F2806 IC on chip, f2806x_iso_controlcardr0.4_

    Error connecting to the target:
    (Error -1135 @ 0x0)
    The debug probe reported an error. Confirm debug probe configuration and connections, reset the debug probe, and retry the operation.
    (Emulation package

  • Please check if a jumper is populated to JP2 on DRV8301-69m-kit board and the +5V is good on JP2 as well.

    Please take a look at these two guides below in MotorWare






    And also have a look at the link below if you still have the JTAG connection issue.

    C2000 MCU JTAG Connectivity Debug (Rev. A

  • Hello,

    I am checking what you suggested above (in your previous reply), side by side i was checking the board,

    I removed the controlCard and then powered up the board then the FAULT Led and OCTW Led did not lit up,

    what does this suggest,

    In above query i had mentioned of changing R7 resistor on pin VSENSE of DRV8301 with microcontroller card on the board, (Any suggestions in this regards)

    Still not been able to program my controller card,



  • Another update regarding this issue,

    I figured out that the 3.3 V given by TPS73533 is not available there

    Does programming of TMS320F28069 IC on the board control card attached onto DRV main board require 3.3Vdc while programming ?

    Or simply plugging USB and USB power is enough for programming ?

  • SN,

    Sorry for the delay on our side, we has some issues with the assignment here that was my fault.  I believe you are using the below ISO control CARD, but wanted to be sure

    On this board, connection to J1 USB will only power the emulation logic on the cCARD, but not the device.  The device power will need to come from the bottom side connection to the DRV8301 kit.

    You should see both LD1(C2000 power) and LD4(emulation power) lit in this condition.  If LD1 is not lit, then the MCU is not getting 3.3V supply.

    J200 USB is only for USB comms to the F28069, as far as I can tell this will not give power to the C2000 either.



  • I replaced my ISO controlCARD TMDSCNCD28069ISO with new one 

    Now i am able to program but after that i receive this error, on gui motorware InstaSpin Motion 

    during motor identification

    C28xx: Trouble Reading PC Register: (Error -1142 @ 0x0) Device blocked debug access because it is currently executing non-debuggable code. Choose 'Rude Retry' to disable polite mode and force the operation. (Emulation package

    Also giving command through console in CCS, it accepts the command but the motor does not rotate,

    kindly help in this regard,


  • SN,

    I'm going to pass the thread back over the motor experts now that we are able to connect.



  • Which controlCARD are you using? TMDSCNCD28069MISO? or TMDSCNCD28069ISO? Only the TMDSCNCD28069MISO supports InstaSPIN-Motion.