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TMDSCNCD280025C: The Control is not able to jump to bootloader after reset done in Emulation mode.

Part Number: TMDSCNCD280025C
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: C2000WARE

I have been working on SPI Boot mode for C20025C. I have an external Flash connected to my DSP control card(TMDSCNCD280025C) over SPI.

So, the procedure I am following is this. 

  • I have taken a most basic code of LED blink that can run from DSP RAM memory. 
  • I modified the CMD file to run it from RAM and rearranged the memory locations. 
  • I added SPI code which copies this RAM location to external FLASH. (working fine). 
  • I downloaded this code using onboard JTAG and it will copy this code to internal RAM as specified in cmd file. I can see the file in the memory view and disassembly view. 
  • Now, when I run this code, it copies itself to external Flash over SPI along with header information. I can see that using logic analyser.
  • Put a breakpoint at the end of code and when it hit that. 
  • Now, I changed the EMU Boot mode bits.. 0xD00 to boot next time from SPI mode

Bootconfig(0xD00) : 0x5AFF1820   (0x5A key, 0x18-GPIO24, 0x20-GPIO32), GPIO24 and 32 as boot pins which are pulled high.

DefWordLow(0xD04) : 0x06FF01FF (0x06 for SPI mode, 0x01 is for SCI mode(will be used later))

DefWordHigh(0xD06) : 0xFFFFFFFF

  • Press "CPU reset" button on CCS IDE. I see this.

  • Press "Resume". I see that DSP start downloading the data from external Flash and able to copy it to internal RAM as specified in SPI header. I see the correct data on logic analyser and even in the RAM location using memory view. But it is not able to jump to the bootloader which have a function of just LED blink. I see following error. 

Disassembly view: Control always stops at ESTOP0.. and whenever I press resume it start downloading the data from FLASH and stop at this location. 

Can someone guide me why I am seeing this issue? Is it the correct behavior? Or this will work properly during standalone mode. I am confused. 

    1. is the watchdog disabled in you LED blink code, if not you can disable and try.
    2. if the above is not helping, then after pressing CPU reset you can load boot rom symbols from C2000ware (\C2000Ware_3_04_00_00\libraries\boot_rom\f28002x\rev0\rom_sources\ccs_files\cpu\Release). This will help you to understand what happens after downloading the code via SPI.