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Why does C2000Ware device support include f28003x.h? Seems odd.

Part Number: TMS320F280039C
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: C2000WARE

I see many files in the "C:\ti\c2000\C2000Ware_4_01_00_00\device_support\f28003x\" directory include "f28003x_examples.h". This seems odd. Shouldn't it be the other way around? That is, the device_support area is the generic (soure code) library and examples are small, specific, applications\executables. In a target vs. deliverable comparision, the device_support is the library and the examples are the deliverable. Why would the library need files from the target\deliverable?

It works and I can be OK with that. I am just trying to understand the structure. See attached text file.

TI post 2022-07-25.txt
File C:\ti\c2000\C2000Ware_4_01_00_00\device_support\f28003x\common\include\f28x_project.h
  47 2:#include "f28003x_examples.h"       // f28003x Examples Include File

File C:\ti\c2000\C2000Ware_4_01_00_00\device_support\f28003x\common\source\f28003x_adc.c
  47 2:#include "f28003x_examples.h"    // Examples Include File

File C:\ti\c2000\C2000Ware_4_01_00_00\device_support\f28003x\common\source\f28003x_cputimers.c
  47 2:#include "f28003x_examples.h"    // Examples Include File

File C:\ti\c2000\C2000Ware_4_01_00_00\device_support\f28003x\common\source\f28003x_defaultisr.c
  45 2:#include "f28003x_examples.h"     // f28003x Examples Include File

File C:\ti\c2000\C2000Ware_4_01_00_00\device_support\f28003x\common\source\f28003x_dma.c
  47 2:#include "f28003x_examples.h"

File C:\ti\c2000\C2000Ware_4_01_00_00\device_support\f28003x\common\source\f28003x_epwm.c
  47 2:#include "f28003x_examples.h"

File C:\ti\c2000\C2000Ware_4_01_00_00\device_support\f28003x\common\source\f28003x_gpio.c
  47 2:#include "f28003x_examples.h"

File C:\ti\c2000\C2000Ware_4_01_00_00\device_support\f28003x\common\source\f28003x_piectrl.c
  47 2:#include "f28003x_examples.h"    // f28003x Examples Include File

File C:\ti\c2000\C2000Ware_4_01_00_00\device_support\f28003x\common\source\f28003x_pievect.c
  45 2:#include "f28003x_examples.h"     // f28003x Examples Include File

File C:\ti\c2000\C2000Ware_4_01_00_00\device_support\f28003x\common\source\f28003x_spi.c
  47 2:#include "f28003x_examples.h"    // Examples Include File

File C:\ti\c2000\C2000Ware_4_01_00_00\device_support\f28003x\common\source\f28003x_sysctrl.c
  49 2:#include "f28003x_examples.h"   // Examples Include File

File C:\ti\c2000\C2000Ware_4_01_00_00\device_support\f28003x\common\source\f28003x_tempsensorconv.c
  47 2:#include "f28003x_examples.h"