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[FAQ] How do I fix a SysConfig CCS Project which is not building due to "Invalid argument '--product': No product with name "C2000WARE" and version" ?

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I added a SysConfig file to a CCS project and now the project is not building due to an error caused by the SysConfig tool. The error is shown below:

Invalid argument '--product': No product with name "C2000WARE" and version

How do I resolve this issue?

Why is the issue above occurring in my CCS project?

  • SysConfig Software Product is identified by CCS/SysConfig in one of the two ways below:

    1. The CCS project properties are set up: The entry inside the CCS project properties identifies the path to the product.json/sdk.json in the C2000WARE install

    2. The CCS project properties are not set up: In this scenario, SysConfig (similar to how it would in a standalone/non CCS based tool) looks into the .syscfg file in the project and parses the header at the top of the file which looks as show in the example below.

     * These arguments were used when this file was generated. They will be automatically applied on subsequent loads
     * via the GUI or CLI. Run CLI with '--help' for additional information on how to override these arguments.
     * @cliArgs --device "F2838x" --package "176pin" --part "F2838x_176pin" --product "C2000WARE@"
     * @versions {"tool":"1.11.0+2225"}

    The error discussed in this thread only occurs if #1 is not used and the scenario in #2 is executed.

    For scenario #2 to work, the SysConfig tool integrated within CCS must have at one point used the C2000WARE product version identified in the comment header at the top of the .syscfg file. That way it would have internally cached the location for the product.json/sdk.json. If the SysConfig tool integrated in the CCS never used and in turn cached the location of the product.json/sdk.json which refers to the SW product mentioned by the header, it will fail to find it.

    In this case, the use must setup the CCS project property to point to the path of the product.json/sdk.json. This is shown in step #6 in the FAQ below:

    Once this is setup in the project properties, the SysConfig tool, upon launching the .syscfg file, will not look in the special comment header for a --product entry.