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TMS320F28377D-EP: DxRAM, LSxRAM, GSxRAM, MSGxRAM Initialization

Part Number: TMS320F28377D-EP


I would like to understand when should I initialized the different blocks of memory using the following bits from the MEM_CFG_REGS Registers:


I don't see any example where this is done except when using the CLA where the message RAM CPUtoCLA and CLAtoCPU are initialized:


The TRM mentioned:

I am not sure what to do with that. I tried with GS0RAM and my program got stuck waiting for the block to get initialized.

Thank you


  • Hi Laurent,

    GSRAM is shared between CPU1 and CPU2, and the INIT should be done by the owner core only.

    Also, these registers are EALLOW protected register. lease make sure you set EALLOW before writing to the register.

    One reason why we do not have these called in the examples, is that these RAMs are used for storing data or code, which gets initialized during the loading time or _c_int00 time. These gets erased on writing to INIT register



  • Ohh yes thank you, it works definitely better with EALLOW ;-), I didn't think of that.

    Okay, I get your point.

    So, basically, those functions just clear the memory and set the ECC/PARITY. They don't do any fancy hardware initialization, like what need to be done with the FLASH, is that correct?