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TMS320F28069: TMS320F28069

Part Number: TMS320F28069
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: LAUNCHXL-F28069M, C2000WARE


I have strange issue with GPIO32 pin toggling on the board LAUNCHXL-F28069M.

A GPIO configuration is done as described in Example_2806xGpioSetup.c of C2000Ware_4_02_00_00, but the GPIO32 remains on high level.

According to debug viewer of CCS1210, all related GPIO registers (GPBMUX1, GPBDIR and GPBDAT) have an expected value.

But according to my investigation the GPIO32 doesn't change direction to output, since connection of this GPIO to GND via resistor causes it to drop.

Please your assistance,


  • Hello Edward,

    Can you attach the code you use to configure the GPIO, the register values in the CCS window (GPBMUX1, GPBCTRL, GPBQSEL1, GPBDIR, GPBPUD, GPBDAT), and the output of the pin on a scope (with nothing else connected to this pin)?

    Best regards,

    Omer Amir

  • Hello Omer,

    Please find an attached picture of GPIO output and a register values below:

    • GPBMUX1 = 0
    • GPBCTRL = 0
    • GPBQSEL1 = 0
    • GPBDIR = 0x0001
    • GPBPUD = 0xFFFF
    • GPBDAT = 0

    My project for GPIO testing is attached also.


  • Hello Edward,

    I looked through your setup specifically for GPIO32, and everything seems in order. The internal pull-up is disabled, but I this seems to be as intended. The project looks like it was based off one of the examples provided in C2000Ware, is that correct (and if so, which example)? If you don't set the bit to any value, what is the default output? What happens if you have an extended delay between the toggling (such as ~1 microsecond)?

    Also, can you confirm whether any of the other GPIO are having this same issue? You can use the Example_2806xGpioToggle example in C2000Ware to verify this (C2000Ware_4_XX_XX_XX\device_support\f2806x\examples\c28\gpio_toggle).

    Best regards,

    Omer Amir