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Part Number: LAUNCHXL-F2800137
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Hi Team,

There's an issue from the customer need your help:

LAUNCHXL-F2800137+DRV5353RS public version, the power supply adopts 24V5A input, the motor model is TB57BL115S21_230TF9, and the motor debugged by Taobao merchants. The software is set up using ti\c2000\C2000Ware_MotorControl_SDK_4_02_01_00\solutions\universal_motorcontrol_lab\f280013x according to TI's spruj26-Universal Motor Control Project and Lab User's Guide development documentation#define DMC_BUILDLEVEL DMC_LEVEL_2, motorVars_M1.flagEnableRunAndIdentify=true is set in debug, and the motor speed is slow after starting, and the noise and vibration are large. Set the target speed motorVars_M1.speedRef_Hz = 60.0f, and the actual speed is only about 3HZ. Please help analyze the cause of abnormal motor rotation. Thanks for your support!

Thanks & Regards,


  • Hello Ben,

    Apologies for the delay in response. Typically, these sorts of issues are related to the motor parameters not being properly set in the src_board/user_mtr1.h file according to the requirements of the motor.

    First, if they have not already done so, they must set up this file for the parameters of their specific motor.

      • This parameter must be set to the defined identifier for this motor model in the lab. If this does not already exist, the customer should create one and add this identifier to the list of motors. Refer to/copy the the Teknic_M2310PLN04K section as an example implementation.
    • All parameters in the specific motor section, beginning with #elif (USER_MOTOR1 == MOTOR_IDENTIFIER), must be set according to the specific motor.
      • If the customer has created a new section, the Teknic_M2310PLN04K motor's section has advice on setting all parameters within.

    Second, I'll focus on a couple of specific parameters from that section:


    Advice for settings these parameters is present in the user_mtr1.h file in the (USER_MOTOR1 == Teknic_M2310PLN04K) section. These parameters are a common cause for issues in Build level 2 specifically.

    Jason Osborn