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TIDM-02002: DC-DC / inverter stage solutions for lv battery PCS system

Part Number: TIDM-02002
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: POWERSUITE, , TIDA-010054


I am currently looking for a bidirectional DC/DC stage solution for a system similar to one described in a following block diagram:

The goal of this DC/DC stage would be to tie a battery module with operating voltage range 51.2V~58.4V (40V fully discharged state) to DC - link (about 380-400V)

I am interested in two solutions one for 2-3kW and another one for around 5-6kW (preferably if it could deliver same power both ways, but not critical)

I have looked through all powerSUITE Solution Adapter reference designs and I have a few questions.

From what I gather two best fitted solutions would be TIDM-02002 and TIDA-010054, although both of these solutions have high secondary voltage. 

  • Do these topologies support lover secondary voltage?
    • if so how would it affect efficiency? 
    • which topology is better to maximize power flow in both directions?
    • which topology scales better when going up in power (in terms of efficiency and overall power density i.e. the size)
  • What would be the best bidirectional grid tied inverter topology when considering parameters described above?

Also I have found TIDA-00951 on TI's website but couldn't locate it in powerSUITE Solution Adapter or any reference documents, is it discontinued? because it seems to best fit the bill when considering input and output voltage requirements.

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  • These reference designs show how digital control is implemented in such converters. The voltag rating are just because of the power stage. This has nothing to do with the MCU. You design your power stage as per your reqs and then use this software with necessary modifications and you can control any converter.

    You can use either design for bi-dir power flow. TIDA-10054 topology will allow higher power compared to the topology in TIDM-2002