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TIDM-02010: dmpfc_0013X

Part Number: TIDM-02010

Hi Team,

There's an issue from the customer need your help:

TIDM-02010—dmpfc-0013X's dual motor code, I only want to use this code to control one motor, I configure the underlying configuration of motor 1 (ADC sampling, PWM wave, etc.) as my chip requirements, in which PFC and motor 2 bottom configuration have not been changed; Then the test was carried out, following the dual motors

In the manual "Dual Motor Control Reference Design for HVAC with Digital Interleaved PFC", Motor 1 was able to emit the set PWM wave when the first part of the CPU and board settings were completed, but when the V/F test was performed, the motor voltage and current were too small to start the motor rotation. Is there a more detailed description of the test documentation? Among them, I have confirmed that there is basically no problem with ADC sampling, the relay is also smoothly closed when it is powered on, and when performing the V/F test, the motor also emits a duty cycle, but the motor cannot rotate, please explain, what parameters need to be modified. Thank you

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  • You don't need to change anything, just run one motor by enabling the command flag to understand the working flow first. Please take a look at the lab user's guide, you may only need to change the motor control parameters according to your motor.